Farrah Abraham’s boyfriend Simon Saran accused of ‘verbal abuse’ and ‘violent rages’ in 2011 restraining order

Farrah Abraham's Boyfriend Simon Saran

Farrah Abraham seems to be happier than she has been in a long time with boyfriend Simon Saran, but newly uncovered documents show Simon may not be a total Prince Charming.

Back in 2011, Simon was ordered to stay away from ex-girlfriend Josie Leisz, who claimed in a restraining order discovered by Radar Online that Simon had “violent outbursts” during their relationship. She also accused him of verbal abusing her by calling her a “f***ing b*tch” and said he was controlling.

“[Simon] would… take my phone and send messages to guys who texted me,” she said. “In these messages he would tell them to leave me alone and that I don’t like them, pretending to be me. [Simon] also did the same thing with my email account and facebook account.”

Josie said Simon continued to harass her months after their relationship ended, even after she had to move out of her home because he refused to vacate. In one scary incident, she said he went into a “violent rage” upon seeing her out with friends.

“[Simon] came over to my table and very violently flipped the table over,” she said. “Simon then began screaming things at me and my friends and scaring us. Simon was yelling things to my friends like ‘I f***ed that b*tch every night’ … The club manager had to kick him out of the club for the night.”

Months later, she filed a police report after Simon allegedly broke into her home and threatened a male guest. She applied for and was granted a temporary restraining order against Simon that same month, saying in the request she wanted to “resume my life and feel safe when I go out with friends at night and when I go to work.”

The next January, she filed another restraining order, in which she accused Simon of stealing her truck and $4,000. He denied those claims and responded by filing his own restraining order against her.

“On January 15, 2011 she screamed at me, grabbed a pen and stabbed me several times in my chest area, ripped my shirt off, pulled my hair while calling me a ‘stupid Middle Eastern’ and ‘piece of sh*t,'” Simon claimed in his request for a restraining order. That was granted in February 2012.

Farrah and Simon began dating in late 2014. Their relationship will be featured on upcoming episodes of Teen Mom OG, which will include Farrah for the first time on Monday.

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