Why is Farrah Abraham not on Teen Mom OG? When will she be back?

Have you seen this Teen Mom? Farrah Abraham poster

Last week was the premiere of Teen Mom OG as MTV welcomed back the “Original Girls” for a whole new season, but a number of fans were surprised to find one OG missing. Despite the fact that Farrah Abraham’s return to the show made headlines earlier this year, she was completely absent from the Premiere, and wasn’t even featured in the opening credits sequence! So why no Farrah?

The answer is probably an obvious one for those who have been following along with all the preseason off-screen drama, but for those of you tuning into the show but tuning out the off-screen news, the reason is because producers had initially decided to not include Farrah on the show at all, and only later decided to bring her back.

Teen Mom OG cast photo

Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood and Catelyn Lowell had been filming for a while under the assumption that Farrah would not be returning, and with the lack of a fourth wall this season, the announcement of Farrah’s return to the cast members needed to be a part of the show. (And BOY is it! Check out the Teen Mom OG trailer if you missed that!) In order to maintain an accurate timeline, that meant viewers needed to see what was recorded prior to anyone knowing Farrah was returning. The result is that for an unknown number of episodes at the beginning of the season there will be no Farrah Abraham.

It appears as though the Farrahlessness will continue through tonight’s second episode as Farrah is not mentioned in the episode description at all:

Cate and Tyler plan a party to reveal the baby’s gender; Maci has a hard time with Bentley starting kindergarten; Gary invites Amber to be a part of Leah’s first day of school.

And actually, Farrah’s not mentioned in the Teen Mom OG Episode 3 “Old Wounds” description either:

Tyler posts a video of Carly on their fan page, upsetting Brandon and Teresa; Maci tries to communicate with Ryan; Amber is hurt by Gary’s refusal to let Leah spend the night.

However, you can apparently catch Farrah on tonight’s Teen Mom OG Aftershow special, although it’s unclear what she will be talking about. (Unless, of course, she is talking about the other cast members — which sounds about right!)

We will keep an eye out an update as soon as we find out anything concrete on when Farrah will show up. Meanwhile, click here to find out from the show’s executive producer, Morgan J. Freeman, why they changed their minds and realized they wanted Farrah to return.

New episodes of Teen Mom OG air Monday nights at 10/9c on MTV. Be sure to tune in and live tweet with us and/or play along with our Teen Mom OG Drinking Game! (Although you might still be recovering from last week after the flashback-clip-heavy premiere had everyone guzzling for an hour straight.)

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