Farrah Abraham got daughter Sophia a miniature horse, Jacuzzi, golf cart, etc. for Christmas

Farrah Abraham gets daughter Sophia a miniature horse golf cart and Jacuzzi for Christmas

In case you were wondering what to get that little girl on your shopping list who already owns her own boutique, then Farrah Abraham has got your answer! The Teen Mom OG star recently revealed some of the Christmas gifts she got for her daughter Sophia — and they are just as jaw dropping as you’d expect.

“On her wish list was a Jacuzzi, golf cart, her Apple computer that she wanted, and a miniature horse,” Farrah tells In Touch. So which of the gifts did Farrah decide to get? Why, all of them of course! “As a mom, I checked off all of that and some stuff from her store,” she says, adding that “it’s been a lot to prep for each gift.”

UPDATE – Click here for ACTUAL photos AND videos of Sophia’s lavish gifts, including Starburst the miniature horse!

Sophia’s love of mini-horses should not come as a surprise to her more than 144,000 Instagram subscribers as the celebritot has posted a photo and video setting her spirit free among horses of her own height:

Sophia loves❤️playing with the horses ?…Merry Christmas ? ?!!!. #wild and free?

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Lessons #minaturehorse #littleamerica @sophialabraham #teenmom

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Ah, but Christmas in the Abraham house isn’t all about hot tubs and little horses, it’s also about family. “We love the tradition of always meeting Christmas Eve, and doing a big family lunch or dinner — so we always do that,” Farrah reveals. “Family plans — other than being with each other and spending quality time, that’s what really matters. But this year is different — Sophia is seven, and every year with a child is different.”

I’m not quite sure what Farrah meant with that last sentence, but it could be in reference to the fact that she is currently in New York City on business where she and “friend” Simon Saran hosted a Christmas party at the HeadQuarters Gentlemen’s Club in Manhattan Thursday night. Here are a couple of photos of Farrah at the event:

Farrah Abraham Christmas strip club party

Farrah Abraham Headquarters Gentlemen's Club Christmas party

[Is it just me or is Farrah Abraham looking more and more like her celebrity therapist Dr. Jenn Mann every day? Not that it’s a bad thing — I’m always had a bit of a crush on Dr. Jenn, even if I do realize it is probably largely due to reality show therapist transference.]

Before heading off to The Big Apple for work, Farrah did festivize her domicile a bit, though not nearly to the extent that her mother, Debra Danielsen, used to. “I just really love and remember my mom decorated the whole house with nutcrackers and trees and garland — we’d go all out,” Farrah fondly recalled while reminiscing about one Christmas in which Debra got her a bunch of Ty Beanie Babies. “I have yet to totally immerse myself in the Christmas spirit like that, we just did the lights up everywhere in the yard and the house, and Sophia wanted to do her Christmas tree this year, so I let Sophia decorate,” she said.

Here’s a photo of the outside of Farrah’s house with the Christmas lights gleaming:

Farrah Abraham's house at Christmas

And here’s how we imagine it looks during the daytime, thanks to PhotoShop:

Farrah Abraham porta potty Christmas lights

Now THAT’S a Christmas potty! 😉

You know, I’d like to take a moment to thank Farrah Abraham for the gifts she gives me all year round! NO ONE in the celebrisphere is more outside of the box when it comes to making headlines, and it is always fun blogging about her. I just Photoshopped a miniature horse in a Jacuzzi! And put Christmas lights on a porta potty! There aren’t any other celebrities that could inspire me to do either of those. Thank you Farrah – and Merry Christmas to you and your family and your special friend Simon.

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