Farrah Abraham and boyfriend John Parra break up after cold text message

Farrah Abraham and boyfriend John Parra who is a staffer for Ryan Seacrest

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham just doesn’t seem to have any luck when it comes to dating. Fans got to watch as her seemingly great relationship with former beau Daniel Alvarez fell apart on screen during their ill-fated trip to Texas in the final season of the show, and Farrah’s next relationship with Marcel Kaminstein, whom she met on JDate.com, ended less than a month after it began in late 2011.

In June, Farrah began dating John Parra, a staffer on Ryan Seacrest’s morning show, but just two months into their relationship, they have apparently called it quits.

In a new interview with In Touch Weekly, Farrah explains, “What went wrong was that he was upset I wouldn’t kiss him yet and make more time for him and move to LA.” She even revealed how he broke the news. “He texted me saying he didn’t want to talk any more!”

Farrah Abraham and boyfriend John Parra break up after his cold text message

Farrah had visited John just last week and even brought her daughter Sophia along to meet him. The two went out to dinner and had a sleepover at his pad afterwards — Sophia included. It seemed to be the making of a great relationship…

“I have my values in line and I stick to them.  I’m happy I chose not to touch him or get serious with some guy who seems controlling & clingy,” Farrah says. “I’m happy I shield Sophia from any guy drama that is caused by whomever I’m dating at the time.”

The anti-rushed attitude is a complete 180-degree turn for Farrah, who cites ex-boyfriend Daniel’s unwillingness to commit (including taking marriage seriously after a month and a half of dating) as the main reason for leaving him. (Daniel had a slightly different story to tell.)

But don’t worry, Farrah’s not giving up on finding a significant other!

“I’ll date again,” Farrah says. “I’m ready to find a real partner now.”

Perhaps she can lure someone with her gift of song.

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