Expose lead singer Gioia Bruno was charged with meth trafficking last year

The Internet’s tireless crusade to expose scandals about every person who ever was, is, or will be minutely famous isn’t 100% thorough and sometimes you find out that a 80’s pop star was caught trafficking meth over a year ago!

How did this manage to slip through our vulture wings? Oh, Internetz, how did we miss this?

Thankfully RadarOnline dug up a police report from April 2009 that reveals Gioia Bruno (Real name Carmen Bruno), the lead singer of the 80’s pop band Expose, was caught trafficking meth in Broward County, Florida. She was charged with a felony, but explained that she was only selling drugs because of hard financial times (isn’t that why most people do it?) She got off with five years probation, and the case is now closed.

But her journey into going public about her drug use could be only beginning. IShe may be appearing with Tila Tequila, and Shauna Sand on Celebrity Rehab 4. There hasn’t been a definite confirmation, but Radar‘s source felt the need to say that Celebrity Rehab has asked her to be on the show two years in a row. Makes you go “Hrrrmmmm.”