Duggar Digest: New photos of Jill Dillard’s baby, details on Marjorie Jackson and Jessa Seewald sparks more pregnancy speculation


On tonight’s 19 Kids and Counting Jill Dillard has a gender reveal party… Surprise, it’s a boy! Who was actually born last week!

New photos of Jill Dillard’s baby

Derick and Jill Dillard with baby Israel in hospital

Although Jill wasn’t able to get the homebirth she wanted, she, husband Derick Dillard and baby Israel are now out of the hospital and adjusting to life as a family of three — with some help from her siblings.

Jill Dillard and Jana Duggar
Jill with BFF Jana Duggar and another friend.

“As Jill and I are settling in back at home after the birth of our firstborn, we wanted to thank everyone for the amazing support we’ve received from so many during this time,” Derick said on Instagram. “Your thoughts and prayers mean so much to us. We love you all!”

Baby Israel Dillard

In another Instagram post, Derick cited John 16:21 and said he now has a better understanding of the range of emotions a woman experiences during labor and delivery. He explained, “I feel like I can relate to this verse just a little better now after being with my wife in labor, but then experiencing the joy of our son! This life is difficult, but it’s only for a moment, and joy comes in the morning.”

Although Jill appears to still be recovering, her parents are already making plans for the babies to come…

“Four grandkids and counting,” Jim Bob said in a Facebook video. “Going on 200.”

Really, though, the Duggar kids would only have to average 10.5 kids each to hit the 200 mark. In the extremely unlikely event they average as many kids as Jim Bob and Michelle, there would be 361 Duggar grandkids running around. Just think about that for a minute…

More about Josiah Duggar’s courtship with Marjorie Jackson

A photo posted by Josiah Duggar (@siduggar) on

The next Duggar to walk down the aisle may very well be 18-year-old Josiah, who announced his courtship to 17-year-old Marjorie this week. We already know that the next season will cover their relationship, but Marjorie and her family have actually been on 19 Kids and Counting before: Back when her mom, Analucia Jackson, was helping the kids with Spanish lessons, the two families went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant to practice.

Speaking to People this week, Marjorie said she has always “appreciated” the Duggar family.

“I respect and admire them,” she said. “I will just take this one step at a time.”

Although the goal of courtships is to work toward marriage, that journey may be a bit slower for Josiah and Marjorie, considering she explained she is still finishing up her high school courses. (But she is taking some college-level graphic design classes!)

Is Jessa Seewald pregnant?

This has been the big question ever since Jessa and Ben Seewald tied the knot last November… And, more than once, the young couple seemed to fuel speculation with their pictures and comments.

A photo posted by Ben Seewald (@ben_seewald) on

The latest round of rumors came after Ben posted the picture above where he is not-so-subtly covering up Jessa’s midsection with a large cowboy hat… Is there a baby bump or are they just trolling us now?

Tune into 19 Kids and Counting on TLC tonight at 9/8c for a special message from Josiah and Marjorie.

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