Duggar Digest: Ambulance spotted at Jill Dillard’s house one day before she’s due, explosion at a Duggar building and more


On tonight’s episode of 19 Kids and Counting, the whole family reflects on their favorite memories with Jessa Duggar in anticipation of her wedding to Ben Seewald. In real-time, it looks like there will soon be another addition to the family…

Has Jill Dillard had her baby?

Duggar Family News: Life is Not All Pickles and Hairspray shared a photo of an ambulance at Jill and Derick Dillard’s home yesterday, just one day before her due date. (Today!) The eyewitness said the ambulance left a short time later, apparently without loading anyone into it — which is good news for Jill, who has said she hopes to have the baby at home.

In a new People interview (which likely happened before yesterday’s scare), Jill said she bets the baby will arrive in April.

“I have told myself, ‘First-time moms often go a week and a half over, so don’t get discouraged,'” she said. “When everyone else is asking you, ‘When are you going to have that baby?’ The baby will come when the baby comes.”

Just in case this is the last Duggar Digest before the big arrival, here’s a look back at Jill’s pregnancy. (Click the picture if the gif isn’t working.)

Jill Dillard Baby Bump photos slideshow animated gif

Explosion reported on the Duggars’ property

There was a minor explosion on the Duggars’ property on Monday when construction crews struck a Source Gas line. There were no injuries, but some damage was reported.

“When I first pulled up, I saw this dirt all over cars and rocks were flying everywhere. It busted out a lot of windshields,” Jedediah Duggar told KFSM. “It looked almost like a war scene.”

A nearby road was temporarily shutdown and a business that leases space on the Duggars’ property was evacuated, but operations were largely back to normal by the afternoon.

Are Josh and Anna Duggar moving back to Arkansas?

A photo posted by Josh Duggar (@joshduggar) on

Another Duggar Family News insider did a little digging and discovered that Josh and Anna Duggar purchased a five-bedroom house near his family in January. The soon-to-be family of six currently lives in the Washington D.C. area for Josh’s job with the Family Research Council Action Group. There’s some speculation that the family is moving back in Arkansas so Josh can run for political office.

A new episode of 19 Kids and Counting airs on TLC tonight at 9/8c.

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