Drita D’Avanzo and Mob Wives camera crew crash Sandy relief effort

Drita D'Avanzo of 'Mob Wives' cast photo

Drita D’Avanzo and her Mob Wives camera crew showed up to an event over the weekend and while that would usually be exciting for those around her, appearing unannounced to a Hurricane Sandy relief effort was less appreciated. In fact, many volunteers thought it was downright inappropriate that she would take advantage of such a bleak situation to film her show.

“So she walked up and volunteers thought it was another news crew filming people helping out,” one volunteer said. “But then a boom mike lurked over our heads. Notice in the picture everyone turning their backs on her and walking away. She was not well received and was able to clear a hot coffee stand on a cold day in 2 seconds.”

The people of Staten Island, where the effort was held, contained more than half of the New York City’s storm-related casualties, and parts of the town were among the most damaged by the storm.

“Keep in mind this was 50 feet from where people died and bodies recovered,” the volunteer explained. “As she was filming her reality show, about 100 students and faculty from IS34 were a few feet away cleaning debris, not show boating for the news cameras, and reminding the world why Staten Island is a pretty good community to live in.”

Jenn Graziano, a producer of Mob Wives, insists that Drita and the camera crew had the victim’s best interest at heart and in no way interfered with the relief efforts. “This tragedy is a part of the reality these women are experiencing, and we can’t ignore it,” Jenn said. “We are working carefully not to intrude or interfere with anyone. But we do want to show what’s happened on Staten Island through the eyes of all of our cast members who are all out trying to help their neighbors through this difficult time.”

In Drita’s defense, she’s been actively working to help people affected by Sandy on Staten Island. We can’t expect Mob Wives to not incorporate Hurricane Sandy into their show.