Mob Wives’ Karen Gravano’s actual mug shot photo from 2000 ecstasy ring arrest

Mob Wives Karen Gravano's actual mugshotphoto from her 2000 arrest in Arizona

As part of the marketing for VH1’s new reality series Mob Wives the cast members all posed for fake mug shots to poke a little fun at the organized crime theme of the show. But, for Karen Gravano, it wasn’t the first time in front of a booking camera!

The 38-year-old daughter of the infamous mob turncoat Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano was arrested with her dad as well as other family members in Arizona on February 24, 2000 on charges of involvement in a multimillion dollar ecstasy ring. As a result, she had the mug shot above snapped. (You can read all about that arrest and her father’s connection to it HERE)

Here are Karen’s real and fake mug shots side-by-side:

Mob Wives Karen Gravano fake and real mug shot photos side by side

These two photos look completely different but they do have one thing in common – I would seriously not mess with either of those women!