LINKS! Dorinda Medley and Countess Luann, Wendy Williams steps out, Curvy Wife Guy…

Dorinda Medley and Countess Luann 2

REALITY TEARHONY co-stars and occasional enemies Dorinda Medley and Countess Luann have been “treading lightly” this season, so Dorinda’s public comments in the wake of Luann’s arrest and legal issues are more of the same

THE BLEMISHWendy Williams stepped out and looked very much the mama hen alongside her son Kevin Hunter Jr. following Kevin’s arrest for allegedly punching his dad in a fight over the older Kevin’s (also alleged) poor treatment of Wendy

VOX“2 days with Curvy Wife Guy, the most controversial man in body positivity: He’s just released a music video called ‘Chubby Sexy.’ Will it silence his internet haters?”

LAINEY GOSSIPI thought Booksmart‘s trailer was hilarious and portended great things to come, so it’s good to see the movie racking up a 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes ahead of this weekend’s release

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP“Mama June’s Family Confronts Her in Emotional Drug Intervention: Watch a Sneak Peek of Friday’s Dramatic Episode”

JEZEBELHarvey Weinstein is apparently going to pay $44 million to end somewhere in the neighborhood of one dozen lawsuits currently accusing him of “sexual misconduct and assault.” The rape charges against him are going to trial next month

THE BLASTMoby is indeed terrible, so this whole thing where he maybe kind of dated Natalie Portman for a minute but definitely was a potent combination of creep and douche to her is a good thing where public shaming is concerned. I don’t take any blogger’s glee from it, though, because it means breaking a 15+ year streak of not paying attention to Moby

DLISTEDNot gonna improve this headline: “Charlie Sheen Once Brought A Hooker To Thanksgiving Dinner At Denise Richards’ House”

CELEBITCHYThe jury’s still out on Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, but I could read a book-length interview with Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Quentin Tarentino telling Hollywood stories

GO FUG YOURSELF“Sophie’s & Jessica’s World Tour Continues: I don’t think Dark Phoenix comes out here until early June, so we should have another week of dicey Louis Vuitton, at least, right?”

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