PHOTOS Teen Mom Amber Portwood moves out of her apartment, MTV films away

Amber Portwood moves out of her apartment

It seems Teen Mom Amber Portwood is starting over from scratch! In addition to getting a new boyfriend (CLICK HERE to see photos of Amber and her new beau, mixed martial arts cage fighter Clinton Yunker!) and a new tattoo, Amber has gotten new digs!

That’s right, Amber’s infamous second-floor Anderson, Indiana apartment is a thing of the past as she moved into a fancy new home complete with a garage! Amber and some friends were photographed hauling boxes out of the scene of numerous felonious assaults earlier today as MTV film crews captured the moment for Teen Mom Season 3.

Friends help Teen Mom Amber Portwood move out of her Anderson, Indiana apartment

Amber has mentioned the fact that she would be relocating in numerous recent interviews claiming that her old residence had become a dangerous place to live for daughter Leah because of hostile neighbors. Here’s a Q&A from an interview on MTV’s Remote Control Blog addressing the bad neighbor situation:

Who is Leah living with now?

I have 100 percent custody of that baby. The only reason she’s living with Gary right now is because I was having trouble with my neighbors yelling at me and starting stuff. It wasn’t safe for her. I’m in the process of moving into a new house, and when I’m fully moved in, she’ll live with me just like before.

Here’s Amber looking like she is opening the door for the first time (Click for a larger image):

Amber Portwood moves in to her new apartment as MTV films Teen Mom Season 3

And here’s a photo of Amber Portwood’s new house/apartment (Click for a larger image):

Teen Mom Amber Portwood's new apartment

Not too shabby! It looks as though amber is putting some of that $60,000 to good use!