Does Lisa Vanderpump really own SUR?

Does Lisa Vanderpump own SUR?

On Monday’s episode of RHOBH, during a dinner Camille Grammer accuses Lisa Vanderpump of not owning her restaurants, SUR in particular. When pressed Lisa tells the group she owns a 51% stake in SUR, which would give her controlling interest in the restaurant. The other investors, The Zapatas, own 49%.

Lisa also verified on Twitter that she owns 51% of SUR, which is the center of her new Bravo reality show Vanderpump Rules.

he Vanderpump-Todds own 51% of the establishment and the Zapatas own 49%, that would make Lisa and Ken the main holding partners.

Camille later admitted she was wrong: “I did feel really bad for saying anything. I was a bit misinformed. I stand corrected.”

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