VIDEO Did Teairra Mari leak her own sex tape? Speculation builds after unconvincing reveal

Did Teairra leak her own sex tape 2

Teairra Mari’s reaction to the news of her sex tape leak has Love & Hip Hop Hollywood fans wondering whether she may have had a hand in the footage getting out. And several former members of the cast are calling BS on the whole storyline…but did Teairra leak her own sex tape? Or is she just an unconvincing actress?

At the time the tape leaked, Teairra voiced outrage. She held a press conference — since depicted on LHHH Season 5 — at which she decried the violation of her privacy and announced she’d be filing a lawsuit on revenge porn charges. (The lawsuit names two defendants: Teairra’s ex-boyfriend Akbar Adul-Ahad, for allegedly leaking the tape; and Teairra’s ex-boyfriend 50 Cent, for screengrabbing and posting one of the pics after Teairra had taken down the original post.) The announcement came as the #MeToo and #TimesUp waves were still cresting, and Teairra’s actions were widely applauded.

However, because we’re talking about reality TV, things began to unravel almost immediately. Teairra’s former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood co-star Milan Christopher claimed that the entire thing had been fabricated from the get-go, and that Teairra, not her ex-boyfriend Akbar, was the one responsible for the tape getting out.

He explained why just before the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood season premiere; according to Milan, Teairra jumped the gun on the leak by feigning outrage before the tape had actually gone public:

I remember the first day [of the leak] when she came to my house; it was about 7:30 in the morning and she called me talking about something that happened a day before and she wanted to come over and hang out and chill — she kept telling me, “Akbar put a sex tape out of me. Akbar put a sex tape out of me.” I said, “Where is this sex tape at? Where is it at because it hadn’t been posted yet.” This was at 7:30. The sex tape didn’t come out until like 10:47. Teairra ran out my door at 10:30 and then at like 10:35 she came back into my apartment. I was like, “What are you doing?” She was acting really crazy. She was like, “Look! This is the sex tape!” So she’s showing me the sex tape in her phone and I’m like, “Look, that’s not posted. Where is it posted?” She’s like, “Don’t worry about it.” She runs out my door again and then like five minutes later the sex tape is out. 100 percent [Teairra leaked her own sex tape]. She’s doing all of this because I really think psychologically, Teairra needs help. Teairra needs to see a doctor. I think this is deeper than alcoholism. Drugs.

And the actual argument between Teairra and Akbar didn’t go over so well with LHHH viewers. Here’s an excerpt from that fight…

…and here’s former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast member Misster Ray, whose comment on the above scene seemed to sum up the broader social media reaction:

In fact, things are getting so messy that polls like this one are popping up all over:

Given her aggressive response to the leak, it’s pretty hard to imagine Teairra being responsible for her sex tape leak all along. However, as we’ve already noted in another LHHH story today, reality TV does funny things to the mind: people who might never consider a morally bankrupt double cross when neither money nor fame are at stake will readily do so for the promise of either.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 5 continues Monday nights at 8 on VH1.

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