Debra, Dr. David and sister Ashley wish Farrah Abraham happy birthday, plus Farrah’s B-Day itinerary

Happy Birthday Farrah Abraham from Debra Dr. David sister Ashley and grandma

Today is former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham’s 27th birthday, and she shared a “Happy Birthday” video she received from an unexpected source: her entire family back in Iowa! Also, Farrah and her daughter Sophia have just returned from their extended vacation in Cannes and Dubai and we have Farrah’s birthday itinerary for her special day back in the United States!

First up, here is the “Happy Birthday Farrah” video, which includes Farrah’s mom Debra Danielsen, her stepdad Dr. David Merz, her grandmother Carmella Danielsen, and her sister Ashley Danielsen with her daughter:

The video is remarkable given that Farrah has has had a fallen out with pretty much everyone in the clip, except her grandmother and her niece. (As far as we know.) In a typical Farrah twist, she tagged the video with #itonyamovie, which is the promotional hashtag for the Tonya Harding movie I, Tonya. If you’ve seen the movie, or perhaps even if you haven’t, then you know a central theme of the biopic is the abusive relationship between Tonya and her tyranical mother, LaVona Fay Golden. Good ol’ Farrah.

And speaking of “ol’ Farrah,” the now 27-year-old reality star is back in the United States after an extended vacation with her daughter Sophia in which the mother/daughter duo visited Cannes as well as Dubai. Farrah posted this photo of Sophia posing with a birthday cake for her mom that it looks like Sophia had a major hand in creating:

Sophia Abraham Farrah birthday cake

Farrah almost literally just stepped off a long flight back from Dubai, but there’s no such thing as jet lag for a go-getter like her! Farrah was up early this morning as she set out to celebrate her birthday with a Napa Valley themed day-long celebration.

We got our hands on Farrah’s itinerary for the day, and it includes a limo ride and private jet trip for a winery tour. (Farrah has already begun sharing video clips from her day on Instagram, and in them we can see that her dad Michael Abraham is along for the party.)

UPDATE – It also appears as though Sophia is joining her mom for the shindiggery! In this next photo you can see Farrah and Sophia boarding the private jet before heading to Napa:

Here’s Farrah’s birthday schedule:

8:30 AM – Picked up by Crown Limos and taken to the airport

10:00 AM – Farrah and her crew board a private jet in Los Angeles and fly to Napa, California

11:15 AM – The Farravan begins their Ale Wine Tour via A Limo Excursion

11:55 AM – 1:00 PM – The Farrahbration really kicks off at the St. Supery Winery

2:00 PM – 3:30 PM – A change of venue as the winery tour continues to Castello Di Amorosa Winery

5:00 PM – Dinner at a location to be determined

So, if you’re in the Napa area and you’re reading this article, there’s still time to crash Farrahpalooza! And I assume she is perfectly OK about crashers because she created a Facebook Event page for her winery tour.

Happy birthday to Farrah! What a crazy 27 years, huh? And what better way to wrap up this birthday post than with a few Farrah Abraham throwback photos?

Farrah Abraham throwback picture as a kid

Farrah Abraham throwback childhood photo

Farrah Abraham throwback_with_mom with Debra Danielsen

Farrah Abraham throwback photo with dad Michael Abraham

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm.

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