PHOTO Teen Mom Farrah Abraham clubbing to promote biker babe calendar

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham got her groove on Saturdary night at Club Pulse in Omaha, Nebraska to promote her sexy new motorcycle calendar.

Via her Twitter account she let her friends and fans know where the party was at.  She tweeted:

The calendar “Mastering the Art of American Motorcycles,” and the H-O-T photos of course, were featured in a previous post in which we also spoke with photographer Jaye Ott on what it was like working with the reality star. Farrah is featured as Miss May in the J Anthony Digital Photography collection wearing a sexy faux fur outfit that she designed.

So did the crowd have a good time out with Farrah and her biker babe model friends?  I think I’ll let this photo from the night speak for itself – you can just make out Farrah doing the Teen Mambo there on the right:

While it appears the crowd was certainly enjoying “cold beverages” the photo of Farrah features that universal “clear plastic with a straw” non-alcoholic cup.