VIDEO Pregnant Jenelle Evans shows off burnt beach bikini baby bump

Jenelle Evans bikini baby bump photo

Things are moving fast (as usual) for Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans! Her surely soon-to-be-husband Nathan Griffith just got out of jail, her divorce from soon-to-be-ex-husband Courtland Rogers can finally be finalized after the mandatory one-year wait in North Carolina, and Jenelle is VERY pregnant with her second child, son Kaiser, who is due just around the corner in June. Jenelle celebrated her recent good fortunes with a couple family trips to the beach that included Nathan, her son Jace and their pooch in which Jenelle showed off her sizable baby bump in some revealing bikinis.

In the photo above, Jenelle shows off all three of her growing baby bumps — two of which appear to be pushing a poor zipper to its limits! A Facebook commenter made note of Jenelle’s growing bosom and she responded by writing, “Yeah I know !!! I have breast implants so mine r a nice full C but now they r DD !!!!!” She later added, “And only going to get bigger after he’s born becuz of breast feeding.”

And just in case you were curious, a follower on Twitter expressed her admiration for Jenelle’s choices in swimsuits and asked the reality star where she buys them, Jenelle revealed, “Victoria secret always.”

Jenelle returned to the beach again, this time swapping out her zipper bikini top (perhaps it finally lost the battle?) for a floral and animal print top to go with her ruffled aqua colored bottoms. By this time Jenelle’s belly has obviously gotten a good deal of sun and appears to be quite sunburnt. Here’s a video clip:

Jenelle tweeted a photo of her and Jace and had a message for those who have negative things to say about Jace’s relationship with her:

(You can see more photos over at The Daily Mail.)

Jenelle’s weekend beach day wasn’t all fun and games, however. It turns out one of the family members ruined it for everyone else. No, it wasn’t Jenelle’s mom Babs Evans getting into a yelling match, it was Nathan’s dog!

“Yeah so that beach day was horrible… Ugh … 🙁 ” Jenelle tweeted on Saturday. “Nathan’s dog ruined it,” she later clarified. “He tried to go after every dog, wouldn’t sit still, then my breaking point he threw sand all over me … now we know only to bring Jax on beach days, nathans dog is only good if u walk him.” Adding insult to beach day injury, she adds, “And it wasn’t warm enough. 🙁 ”

But the day wasn’t completely lost! “Jace had a great time with my nephew though,” she tweeted. “That’s the only thing that matters anyways.”

After beaching it, Jenelle and Nathan enjoyed a romantic meal together:

There’s been no official word on Jenelle’s divorce from Courtland Rogers being finalized, or a wedding date being set for her and Nathan, but of course we will stay on top of things and let you know as soon as we hear!

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