Couple leaves 3 young children home alone to get married

Mug Shots Kymberely Frederick Daniel Richards

Earlier this week, unemployed Casselberry, FL couple Kymberely Frederick and Daniel Richards decided they would head on down to the local courthouse and get married. There were 3 major problems with this decision, their children ages 4, 2 and 1 that they left home all alone while getting hitched.

So how did they get busted and why were they getting married anyhow? The answers are hard to believe.

Frederick and Richards borrowed a neighbors ride because they didn’t have their own. Later they contacted the neighbor who lent them said vehicle and asked if she would keep an eye out for their two older children, ages 7 and 8, who would be on their way home from the school bus stop.

This neighbor then asked the status of their 3 younger children. Frederick and Richards told her that they were, in fact, home alone and “sleeping.” The concerned neighbor contacted the police who came to the residence and found the children asleep in their cribs.

The newlyweds were arrested when they got back home and all 5 children were placed under the custody of Child Protective Services.

Local news affiliate WFTV learned the motivation behind the couple’s marriage plans. According to neighbors, the parents shared that they intended on getting wed so that Richards would not be required to pay child support. They apparently had a Sept. 10 court deadline to do so. Their landlord stated they were jobless and living rent free.

As of this post Richards remains in jail while Frederick has posted bond.