Cissy Houston: Bobbi Kristina’s brain damage is “irreversible”

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Unfortunately, it looks like more heartbreak is in store for Bobbi Kristina’s family members–this after having their hopes raised over the weekend.

There have been a pair of conflicting reports from the BK camp. First, at a performance over the weekend, Bobby Brown told a crowd of cheering fans that his daughter was “awake” and had looked at him.

Then, the Houston side of the family clarified those remarks, with an unnamed member telling People that BK had merely opened her eyes.

Now, Bobbi Kristina’s grandmother Cissy Houston has stepped forward to tell the same magazine that any reports of Bobbi Kristina’s recovery are false–and that any recovery is unlikely to happen. In a statement to the magazine, Cissy said the following:


I have just returned from visiting my granddaughter Bobbi Kristina in the hospital and while she is no longer in a medically induced coma she has a tracheotomy and according to the doctors she has global and irreversible brain damage and remains unresponsive. Meeting with the doctors and understanding that she can live in this condition for a lifetime truly saddens me. We can only trust in God for a miracle at this time. Keep us in your prayers.


Cissy has consistently been the one voice attempting to shoot down rumor and false optimism. It was just last month that she gave a radio interview in which she said there was “not a great deal of hope” for her granddaughter’s improvement.


(Photo credits: WENN)

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