Bobbi Kristina’s cousin and “Pray for BK” tribute singer Jerod Brown arrested in Atlanta

Bobbi Kristina cousin Jerod Brown mug shot photo 2015 arrest

Just one week after releasing the music video tribute “Pray for BK” in honor of his cousin Bobbi Kristina, singer Jerod Brown (aka YF Kennedy) has been arrested in Atlanta after being pulled over with an outstanding warrant.

Atlanta Police say they pulled over Jerod (full name Jerod Wallace Brown-Carter — mug shot photo above) around 2 a.m. Monday morning after detecting “the odor of marijuana” coming from the GMC Yukon that Jerod was driving, according to 11 Alive.

Officers asked Jerod if he had any marijuana in the vehicle, and he responded by saying, “No, but we just came from the studio.” (Jerod has been in the studio a lot over the last couple weeks, so that part was probably true.)

Things went from bad to worse for Jerod when he started baldly lying to police, including telling them that he had a Georgia driver’s license, but didn’t have it on him at the time, and that his name was Jahraim Wallace Reid.

The officers later determined that it was Jerod Brown-Carter and not Jahraim Wallace Reid and that Jerod did not have a driver’s license. Cops also discovered an outstanding warrant for Jerod in Gwinnett County, so they arrested him and charged him with driving while unlicensed and false representations to police.

This may not sound all that serious, but I did a little online research on Jerod and it appears as though the outstanding warrant from Gwinnett County may stem from an arrest for THE EXACT SAME CHARGES! According to online arrest records, Jerod Wallace Brown was arrested in April of 2013 in Gwinnett County and charged with Improper Signal (which is probably what got him pulled over in the first place), Giving False Name of Information, and No Driver’s License.

Here is his mug shot photo from that arrest:

Bobbi Kristina's cousin Jerod Brown arrest 2013 YF Kennedy

Jerod Brown is also in a bit of hot water after he initially promoted his “Pray for BK” single by assuring everyone that “All proceeds will be going to Martin Luther King Jr ‘Be A King’ Foundation.” That claim was later denied by a rep for the Foundation and Jerod eventually deleted his claims and stated he had been misinformed by his now ex-manager. I’m guessing now that any proceeds he made from the song will instead be going towards his bail.

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