Chrissy Teigen skipped the Oscars to track down a taco truck featured on Ugly Delicious

Chrissy Teigen proved once again that she’s the “Relatable Queen” of Twitter by skipping fancy Oscar parties to track down a taco truck. The 6-months-pregnant celebrity tweeted out asking for help finding the taco truck featured on the Netflix food show Ugly Delicious. Soon, instead of nibbling on hors d’oeuvres with the Hollywood elite she was munching some delicious tacos with her family.

Although it at first sounded like she had ditched attending the awards show, she later clarified that she was not invited to the show. Instead, what she was skipping was a bunch of after-parties. She and husband John Legend definitely had something special to celebrate – their ad for Google assistant dropped during the show.

The taco truck was called Mariscos Jalisco, and Chef David Chang, who hosts Ugly Delicious, noted to Teigen that the food was “so damn good.”

A taco fest wasn’t the only good food Teigen ate yesterday. She also shared a video of the delicious Sunday dinner pasta spread she and her family tucked into.

Top photo: @chrissyteigen