Chris Noth, who starred as Mr. Big, thinks ‘Sex and the City’ was really boring

Chris Noth Sex and the City boring

Recently, Chris Noth opened up to the Huffington Post about the legacy of Sex and the City, which premiered 15 years ago.

“I think Sex and the City… glamorized New York and the city almost remade itself in that image, which I find to be really boring,” Noth commented.

Considering he starred in 41 episodes and both of the movies, those were some harsh words for Mr. Big!

In contrast to Sex and the City’s glamorization the New York singles scene, Noth said another HBO show actually gets it right.

“I think Girls is more realistic about the city,” Noth said, admitting he’s only seen two or three episodes. “I see it almost as a documentary on life for younger people. Really, really interesting.”

Hannah and Adam in Girls

However, Carrie’s infamously commitment-shy love interest didn’t hold back all of his love for the HBO show, which ended in 2004.

“Its positive legacy was to bring humor to all female/male relationships and humor to the politics of sex,” said Noth, who now stars in The Good Wife.

Previously, Noth made a similar statement to the Huffington Post.

“I know it was an iconic show,” he said last fall. “Talk about boundaries — it pushed a lot of boundaries, mostly for the sake of humor, which I thought was great.”

Although he accepts the show’s cult-classic status, he has had enough of camera-phone-toting super fans.

“That doesn’t mean they have to have a picture or call me ‘Big!’ That’s why I get a little bit cranky. But I accept it.”

He also seemed to confirm that he wouldn’t be on-board with a third feature film.

“But I think everybody’s pretty much done I think they’ve kind of moved on.”

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