Chris Brown arrested for felony assault in Washington, DC

Chris Brown mugshot Washington DC arrest 2013

In further proof that Chris Brown is as Chris Brown does, the 24-year-old singer and chronic face puncher is back in jail after allegedly assaulting a man for photobombing a picture of Brown with a couple of female fans outside the W Hotel in Washington, DC at right around 4:30AM this morning. The punchee is telling the media that his nose is broken and may require surgery as early as tomorrow. He also claims that prior to hurling the punch, Brown hurled a gay slur. Brown’s account, as you might imagine, is a little different. Meanwhile, due to District of Columbia law, Brown will not be able to post bail and will appear before a magistrate tomorrow, at which time he will probably be released.

Prior to the incident, Brown was hosting a party at The 14th and Park nightclub. Here’s a photo of Chris Brown at the event posted on Twitter:

Chris Brown at The Park and 14th club in Washington DC prior to his assault arrest

UPDATE – Click here for tons of videos and photos of Chris Brown during his appearance at Park at 14th as well as a photo of his tour bus surrounded by police cars outside the W Hotel!

The diligent Chris Brownologists at TMZ have been following the story closely and here’s what we know (or think we know) so far:

Christopher Maurice Brown was arrested in Washington, DC this morning after punching a man in the face outside the W Hotel on K Street at right around 4:30AM this morning. His security guard, Christopher Hollosy, 35, was also arrested and charged.

The victim, still unidentified, was taken to a local hospital and, according to an AP report, was released Sunday afternoon.

There are multiple accounts of exactly what happened that led to the altercation. Law enforcement sources told TMZ that Chris Brown was approached by two women wanting to take a photo with him outside of the W Hotel. Just before the photo was snapped, two men attempted to get into the picture as well. Chris reportedly then said, “I’m not into this gay sh!t, I’m into boxing,” and then he hit one of the two men in the face. The altercation continued as the men were taken to the ground.

The alleged victim spoke with TMZ and he confirms that he and another man did attempt to photobomb the picture with Chris and the two women when Brown went ballistic. The punchee made it clear he wasn’t a Chris Brown fan and was merely hanging out with the two women at the hotel when he spotted Chris outside. “The victim says he doesn’t understand why Brown would be ,so homophobic, to hurl such a slur,” TMZ reports. “And get this … the victim says he would have accepted an apology at the scene, but now he will absolutely press charges — and he already has a lawyer.”

“Sources connected with Chris Brown” spoke with TMZ as well, and they tell the site that the victim’s account is far from true. These sources claim the assault victim wasn’t trying to photobomb the singer but was attempting to get on his tour bus. “Brown was simply trying to stop a trespass,” the site says of their account. “The sources say 2 girls tried to get on the bus to have their picture taken with Chris but they were blocked, and that’s when the two men — including the alleged victim — tried getting on.”

Chris Brown shocked funny photo

Now we all just sit back and wait for the cell phone video footage to turn up on TMZ…

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