RHBH Why did Cedric Martinez move out of Lisa Vanderpump’s house?

UPDATE: Click here to read more detailed information about why Cedric left, and the blackmail that followed.

On the premiere season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills we were introduced to Lisa Vanderpump’s houseguest Cedric Martinez, who has been living with Lisa and her husband Ken for about a year; and has been receiving different forms of support (financial and emotional) from the couple for 15 years.

Lisa and Ken keep hinting that it’s time for Cedric (who also works for Lisa) to spread his wings and fly away. Despite his resistance to leave his comfortable nest in the lap of luxury, insiders tell E! Online that he’s finally been ousted, and is even no longer speaking to Lisa. She reportedly talks about this during the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion.

In a recent episode, possibly due to a producer prompt, Cedric tells a skeptical Kyle Richards about his troubled childhood. He was the son of a prostitute in France who fled from an abusive relationship, and landed them begging on the streets by the time he was seven. By age eight she had abandoned him in a phone booth to fend for himself on the streets, which he did until social services put him into foster care. The details then got hazy, but 15 years ago he befriended Lisa and Ken and they became a surrogate family for him.

In tonight’s episode Todd expresses his desire for Cedric to move on during a car trip to Santa Barbara to commission a Pinot Noir for their restaurant Villa Blanca. Cedric later pulls Lisa aside and seems torn up about Todd wanting him to move out, telling her “I feel like you’re my only family.”

Ken tells us in his interview that he’s onto Cedric’s ability to emotionally manipulate Lisa:

“Cedric definitely plays on my wife’s emotions, and he knows that. Every time I tell him “I think that it’s about time you moved out, Cedric, he goes behind my back to Lisa.”

Now, it looks like Lisa may be sharing some of Kyle’s skepticism about Cedric’s sob story. At the very least she feels taken advantage of. She wrote on her Bravo blog: “Did I feel at that time, shall we say, taken advantage of? Absolutely. Am I sure his story hasn’t been exaggerated? Well, at this time I’m not sure, and so the story continues. But I have to say I knew something wasn’t quite right, but when you open, not just your home, but every family situation, and basically your heart the only thing you want in return is undivided loyalty.”