Hills Housewife Lisa Vander-pumps up the jam with Lionel Richie

Lisa Vanderpump and Lionel Richie

Money can’t buy you class and we know to never be tardy for the party but Beverly Hills Housewife Lisa Vanderpump wants to know if you’ll still love her tomorrow after hearing her first single.

Ahhhhhh yes, another Housewife has ventured into the world of music as one of my personal favorites has teamed up with none other than Lionel Richie to lay down a version of the classic Carole King smash hit “Will You Love Me Tomorrow?” The song was dropped during a phone conversation on Ryan Seacrest’s KISS FM show. Lisa is friends with Lionel, because that’s the way Miss V rolls, and she played for him a karaoke version that a friend recorded and the rest is musical history!

Sadly, this is only a snippet of the tune and if you want to get straight to the magic it comes in around the 4:45 mark:

This is just another example of why the Beverly Hills Housewives kick butt. I mean the lady was having dinner with Lionel freaking Richie and he decided to put together a version of a song she sang to a karaoke backing for his friend. That’s just amazing!

Lisa laughed off the idea of an album saying it was the only song she had in her and then ended with a great line, “And you know I haven’t had much in me lately.”

I have to admit that I was hoping it was going to be “Getting Giggy With It” but who am I to argue with Lionel. To show my appreciation for Lisa V. I would like to dedicate Lionel’s classic “Hello,” that’s arguably the greatest 80’s video, to a delightful lady.

It was only a brief snippet but what do you think of Lisa’s song?