PHOTO Street Outlaws’ Daddy Dave visits Goliath after crash

Street Outlaws Daddy Dave Goliath after crash

It’s been just over a week since Street Outlaws star Daddy Dave Comstock was seriously injured in a terrifying crash while driving Goliath, his nitrous-fed Chevy II, at Amarillo Dragway in Texas. David’s wife Cassi has been updating fans on Daddy Dave’s condition since the accident, but it was Daddy Dave who provided the latest update–on both himself and his car.

“Assessed the damage today!” Dave wrote on Facebook earlier today, as he shared the photo above. “Verdict in….I’m better off than Goliath is!! Priorities in check, rest, heal, find a car and rebuild! What y’all think of that?!?!”

As far as what went wrong last Saturday, Dave reportedly can’t remember a thing. Just yesterday Cassi wrote “Dave remembers nothing from it” in reference to the accident.

So what does she think about Daddy Dave wanting to rebuild a car and possibly get back behind the wheel? “My thoughts are Dave will rebuild Goliath and he will be behind the wheel again when his health is ready!!” she wrote in an update last week. “This was the scariest moment of my life and call me crazy but If that is what he decides to do, I will be right there supporting him 100%!”

Judging from the outpouring of support in the comments on his post earlier today, it appears as though Daddy Dave’s fans agree with Cassi!

UPDATE – From Daddy Dave on August 11: “ROLL CALL….Only 3 days til Outlaw Armageddon! As long as I’m feeling good, I will be there…on the sidelines of course! Who’s coming out for this one??”

Click here to watch a video of Daddy Dave’s harrowing crash, as well as a video about the creation of Goliath, and here to read all of Cassi’s updates since the accident.

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