UPDATE Street Outlaws’ Daddy Dave returns to hospital after car crash

Street Outlaws Daddy Dave crash hospital

Street Outlaws star “Daddy Dave” Comstock is still recovering from the serious injuries he sustained after crashing his custom nitrous-fed Chevy II at Amarillo Dragway in Texas on Saturday night. Daddy Dave’s wife, Cassi Comstock, has been updating Dave’s Facebook fans on his condition, including the above photo of him in the hospital.

Here’s a timeline of updates from Cassi, including her most recent, from just hours ago, in which she revealed the setback that required Dave’s return to the hospital:

August 3 2:06 PM

[Including the photo above] Concussion symptoms have improved, doc was just in and GUESS WHO’S GOING HOME!!

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers! Now to rebuild (EVERYTHING) – Thank you for the support!

COMMENTER: Prayers for a speedy recovery for Dave and for lots of patients for Cassi.

CASSI: I’ve got all the patience in the world for my hubby! He’s always been my rock, now it’s my turn to be his! Thank you all! -Cassi


August 5 6:40 PM

Update on Dave!

Not much change, his memory is still very sketchy, he remembers bits and pieces of each day that goes by but still nothing of what happened in Amarillo. His biggest complaint is the pain in his shoulder, the swelling has went down some, but not enough to have a proper MRI done. He is scheduled for one next week. If he feels well enough, he would like to go look at the car today. That is going to be a tough one!

We are overwhelmed with the amount of support we have received! Thank you all for the thoughts, prayers, food, flowers, cards, and visits!~Cassi


August 7 Approximately 10:30 AM

Dave had a minor setback yesterday and we had to make another trip to the hospital. He was evaluated again, another ct scan and more X-rays, and released. The symptoms he was having results back to the severe concussion. We did however find that he has a grade 3 ac separation in his shoulder, which explains all the pain he has had with it. Not sure how it was missed, but he will see the orthopedic surgeon on Monday. We are praying it will not require surgery. It was too soon to make the trip to see the car, he was not ready physically.

Thank you all for the continued prayers and support!! ~Cassi

COMMENTER: I saw he was going to see the car, what was his thoughts Cassi? And thank you for the updates cause I know I have never met Dave but he is my favorite off the show and hope this doesn’t break his spirits and he re build Goliath

CASSI: Your welcome. He never made it to see the car. It was too soon for him. He is on complete bed rest until he is better (which he is not liking at all). At this time, I’m not sure of his plans, but I do know this about my husband…..Racing is his passion, it doesn’t define who he is but it is a huge part of his life that makes him happy! Of course, no one wants this to happen to themselves or anyone else, but it is a chance all racers take. My thoughts are Dave will rebuild Goliath and he will be behind the wheel again when his health is ready!! This was the scariest moment of my life and call me crazy but If that is what he decides to do, I will be right there supporting him 100%! ~Cassi


UPDATE – August 10

Just seen the orthopedic surgeon and we are soo happy….NO SURGERY NEEDED!! He will be in a sling for the next month, but time is the only that will heal his shoulder! Taking one day at a time, but I can see improvements little by little and well…We’ll take it!!! I have to say this again…THANK YOU to all for the well wishes and encouraging words! Our family, friends and fans are the BEST!! ~Cassi

COMMENTER: Is the car going to be re-built or replaced??? I am glad he is doing better!

CASSI: I do believe you will see Goliath again!!

COMMENTER: any idea on what caused the crash?

CASSI: Not yet, Dave remembers nothing from it.

UPDATE – Click here to see a photo of Dave visiting Goliath for the first time!

Click here to read Cassi’s previous updates and to watch a video of Daddy Dave’s terrifying crash.

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