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PHOTOS The Robin Spielbauer Amarillo murder: A pink handgun, a quick arrest, and a love triangle gone very wrong

32-year-old Robin Spielbauer was a mother of two, a divorcée -- and, largely unbeknownst to her, involved in a love triangle that would eventually culminate with her murder along a quiet stretch of road in Amarillo, Texas. The investigation into the "Helium Road murder" -- or "The Pink Gun Mystery," as the Dateline episode devoted to the Robin Spielbauer Amarillo murder case calls it -- quickly focused on that love triangle, but spent two years looking at the wrong participant.

DATELINE Sandra Melgar staged a home invasion to hide her husband’s Christmas killing

Dateline's latest examines the grisly and puzzling case of Texan Sandra Melgar, whose Christmas killing of her husband Jaime made national headlines in 2012. Though Sandra wasn't charged with Jaime Melgar's murder for almost two years, prosecutors eventually built a strong enough case against her that the defense appeared to think Sandra Melgar's testimony might have done more harm than good.