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DATELINE Cara Ryan verdict controversy & full press conference video

Dateline‘s latest examines the controversial verdict in the case of Cara Ryan, a Florida woman and career teacher accused of second-degree murder in the death of her ex-husband John Joseph (“JJ”) Rush. Neither the defense nor the prosecution argued that Ryan was responsible for pulling the trigger of the gun that shot and killed JJ. What was under examination was the story of self-defense that Ryan’s attorneys told–and whether the possible omission of her Miranda rights after her arrest introduced sufficient reasonable doubt for a jury.


DATELINE Harold Henthorn case update involves possible second murder charges for first wife’s death

The most recent Harold Henthorn case update comes courtesy of NBC's Dateline, which devoted an entire two-hour episode to the bizarre chain of events that led to Henthorn's conviction on a murder charge. The audacity of Henthorn's crimes–and the fact that he's only been charged with one murder, though public opinion has deemed him overwhelmingly guilty of two–continues to shock and amaze, even years after they first came to light.

DATELINE Who killed Tom Kolman? Gilberto Nunez acquittal leaves more questions than answers

It's one of the most puzzling questions in modern American crime: Who killed Tom Kolman? Dateline and 48 Hours have both tried to crack the case of the mysterious 2011 murder, which, for several years, appeared to have one obvious suspect. However, the 2016 acquittal of Kolman's best friend, dentist Gilberto Nunez, has instead left a void of uncertainty. Read on for the details of the murder, the specifics of the prosecution's four-year case against Nunez, and a breakdown of how his trial was able to end without a conviction.

DATELINE What happened to Kim Dorsey? Crime of passion leads to shocking murder, marital revelations

Dateline NBC's foray into North Florida details one of the most surprising murder cases in the state's history. Kim and Derrick Dorsey were a seemingly happily married couple in Jacksonville when a former house guest's entreaties became too much for Kim to bear. The struggle that ensued, however, led to Kim's brutal murder at the lands of Lance Eugene Kirkpatrick–and to Derrick's horrified discovery of his dead wife's body after returning home from a 24-hour shift.

DATELINE Dana Rosendale Ohio cold case becomes murder charge thanks to tireless daughter Brittany Stork

The Dana Rosendale Ohio cold case–and reopening, three decades later, as a murder charge–is one of the most famous in the state's history. Now, NBC's Dateline offers its own investigation into the fascinating case, including the reconsideration of details that didn't add up after Rosendale's death in 1982. Find out about the 30+ year-old crime, and about the determined, intrepid findings of Brittany Stork, Rosendale's daughter, who almost single-handedly got authorities to reclassify her mother's death as a homicide.

JonBenet Ramsey updates reconsider ‘intruder theory,’ continue 20-year search for justice

Did the JonBenet case get solved? It's the question literally millions of viewers are asking, thanks to a slew of JonBenet specials taking a fresh look at the infamous murder of the six-year-old beauty pageant contestant. The 20th anniversary of JonBenet's murder is fast approaching, and no fewer than a half-dozen networks are offering intense looks at new evidence, new testimony, and new promises from old leads.