Homeless man rewarded with $150K for returning $40K

Glen James - Homeless Man Rewarded

Three weeks ago, Glen James was in a Boston strip mall when he discovered an abandoned backpack that contained more than $40,000 in cash and travelers checks. Even though Glen is a homeless man on hard times, he didn’t think twice about what to do with the potential windfall.

“I noticed a lot of hundred-dollar bills, and I said ‘Oh my goodness, this has to get back to its rightful owner,'” he explained to NBC News’ Kerry Sanders.

Glen immediately took the backpack to the Boston police, who were quickly able to locate the owner. In recognition of Glen’s good deed, the Boston Police Department rewarded him with a plaque and civil ceremony. However, a Virginia man believed Glen deserved something more…

“Let’s all chip in and help this man change his life. Every little donation helps. Let’s be reassured that there is still hope and humanity in our great nation,” Ethan Whittington wrote on a Go Fund Me account he set up in Glen’s name on Sept. 16.

More than 6,000 people have since donated to the fund, which currently stands at $149,441. According to Ethan, who is in communication with a Christian outreach program, the money will be used to help Glen get on his feet, meet with a doctor and find a home near his sister.

“This is a total surprise and shock to me that it has gone this far,” Glen said. “It’s definitely going to change my life in a positive and big way.”

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