Jim and Pam from The Office SUPER-SIZED wedding photo!

The response on our Jim and Pam wedding photos post has been so great that I decided to go against the wishes of our over-strained server and offer up a super-duper wallpaper-sized photo of the happy couple! How cool is that? (We don’t allow folks to work for us unless they are a fan of The Office and we feel like really cool nerds right now!)

Thanks so much to everyone at www.officetally.com mtt.just-once.net and community.livejournal.com/theoffice_us for linking to us!

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and that’s totally awesome!

(Just click the photo for larger version, guaranteed to fill up your Michael Scott-sized flat screen television screen!

Jim and Pam get married on the set of The Office. John Krasinski Jenna Fischer wedding picture
Photo: FAME Pictures

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