Casting call announced for new reality show ’30 Something Grandmas’

First there was 16 & Pregnant which spawned Teen Mom and now we have an open casting call for a new reality show centered around grandmothers in their 30’s.

Hollywood casting agency The Casting Firm has teamed up with a “major cable network” for a national search of under 40 grandmothers. In part the call reads:

“Seeking young grandmothers for a starring role in the brand new series ’30 Something Grandmas.’ The show will showcase the stories of extraordinary women whose lives have been changed by the unexpected arrival of a new family member and the even more surprising title of ‘Grandma’!”

I had a hard time believing this was real and it’s hard to get this blogger SMH. I followed up with The Casting Firm’s Twitter page and sure enough this is happening.

In addition to being in your 30’s and having a daughter or son who has a child the show is also asking the following:

-> Is your teen son or daughter far too young to be having a child and making you a grandmother in your early thirties?

-> Is your son or daughter and grandchild living at home with you, and how do you make your family dynamic work?

So what do you think about the prospects of this show? Would you watch? I have to admit I would!

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