Breaking Amish’s Rebecca reveals she had tubes tied after multiple C-sections

Rebecca and Abe Schmucker with daughters Kayla and Malika Christmas card 2014

Breaking Amish couple Rebecca and Abe Schmucker are seemingly living out a rare reality show happily ever after! The two are now happily married with a house and two lovely daughters: Kayla (age 4) and Malika (now a year and four months). But, after being asked by numerous fans if she and Abe were planning on having another child, Rebecca revealed on Facebook that her births were anything but storybook, and due to the complications she elected to have tubal ligation.

“I get asked often if we are having any more children,” Rebecca began. “I guess I should just explain to everyone at one time, no we will not be having any more children.” She goes on to explain that “because of complications from my first pregnancy I had an emergency c-section and therefore when I got pregnant again my doctor immediately kept a close eye on me and I had to schedule another c-section with no option of a VBAC.”

In addition to a second C-section, Rebecca reveals that she had issues throughout her second pregnancy before giving birth to Malika last January. “I had even more complications with my last pregnancy,” she wrote, “and it was a hard long road to my due date which I was two weeks short when I had Malika.”

The complications from both pregnancies meant Rebecca (and Abe) had to make some very difficult decisions. “We discussed my future as far as having more children with my [doctors], and we all agreed because of the high risks and complications I will not be able to have more children safely so I got my tubes tied the same day I had Malika.”

Ah, but the last thing Rebecca wants is for anyone to be sad about her decision! “We are happy with the two girls we have and no I don’t regret not having a boy,” she said. “I’m just glad to be healthy enough at this time to take care of our darlings and I thank God for blessing me so much already!!! I don’t want sympathy because that’s not how I feel. I want people to understand that you can be happy with what you have without ever asking for more. I’m just thankful for what I have health wise and that I’m ok!!”

Breaking Amish Rebecca daughters Kayla Malika

Those are some inspirational words, and we certainly appreciate Rebecca sharing that with fans. She has certainly come a log way as far as being able to open up with fans since she was first thrust into the spotlight years ago! We can’t wait to see Kayla and Malika when Breaking Amish: Return to Amish comes back on Thursday, May 31 at 9/8c on TLC!

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