RETURN TO AMISH Is Mama Mary’s bed and breakfast open?

Return To Amish Mama Mary Schmucker bed and breakfast Mama Maryott

On this season of Return To Amish, fans have seen Mama Mary Schmucker and her crew attempt to renovate an old house–which turns out to be haunted–and convert it into an Amish bed and breakfast. Who could have guessed that way back in Season 1? So: what is the fate of the Mama Maryott hotel? Mary herself answered that question on Facebook earlier today:

Everybody keep your fingers crossed will find out Monday if we will get the new b&b. .by the way the other B & B did not pass inspection.

So it appears that the first bed and breakfast is not currently open due to being unable to pass an inspection. But Mama Mary isn’t going to let that little setback get in the way of her dream, as she is planning on getting another one!

When asked for specifics about why the first bed and breakfast did not pass inspection, Mary simply replied, “It was not up to date.”

Rebecca and Abe posted about the status of the bed and breakfast last week on their own Facebook page:

So many people have asked…. The B&B, it’s not open for business at the moment, you just have to watch the show and see what happens and you will soon know how it all goes. I’m not going to give ‪#‎spoileralerts‬ 😉 😉 😉

When asked where the B&B was located, Rebecca/Abe wrote “The B&B was out past Rossiter.” A commenter picked up on the fact that Rebecca used the past tense and asked, “But, not there now?” Rebecca/Abe responded with:

No mom is still debating if she wants to keep going or not or even if she would want a different location for it. Lot to figure out and it takes time. I’m guessing she won’t reopen but you never know with mom.

New episodes of Return To Amish air Sunday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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