Breaking Amish’s Chapel Peace Schmucker gets chemo, forgoes Gerson cancer treatment in Mexico

Breaking Amish Return to Amish Chapel Peace Schmucker 2014

It was a gut-wrenching moment on Return to Amish when cast member Chapel Peace revealed her cancer had returned. Since the cameras stopped rolling we’ve continued to update fans on how Chapel (now a Schmucker) is doing, with our last check in coming back in July. At the time Chapel had launched a Go Fund Me campaign in hopes of raising enough money to pay for her to receive the alternative Gerson Therapy treatment in Mexico. That campaign has raised nearly $4,000 to date, so what has that meant for Chapel?

In addition to posting the photo above on September 10, Chapel took to her and husband Andrew’s Facebook page on September 13 to provide this update:

Hey everyone I thought I would just post to let everyone know how I am.. Today is not a good day my body is weak on friday I took a round of chemo.. Its a good day to stay in bed cuddled up in bed with a good book.. Though I feel like I’m starving cause I can’t hold anything down my wonderful husband made me delicious broth.. What would I do without him.. Every weak girl needs a strong man.. LOTS OF LOVE FROM THE STICKS CHAPEL

The update had some fans wondering whether or not Chapel receiving chemotherapy meant that she wouldn’t be going to Mexico to receive the Gerson treatment she had hoped for. Chapel updated fans again on September 19:

Okay listen you want my story here it is..

I did not raise nearly enough cash to start the Gerson therapy.. So I needed to do something I took the cash and put down payment to start chemotherapy .. I did not fraud anyone I just couldn’t do what I wanted it took everything you all gave plus all my saving to start chemo.. I was behind on my rent got evicted sleeping on friends couch while living from my car.. Today my my mom shut my phone off cause I dnt have for my bill.. I dnt come on this site or any other begging ppl to help me .. So say what u want or take thus as you plz I’m just so done with ppl talking shit… Im a really honest person with a huge heat but this heart of one can’t take much more.. Chapel ♥

In response to fan comments like “Y can ur Mother not keep ur phone bill pd…? Does Andrew not work?..” Chapel wrote:

Listen my mother has to work like everyone else… She can’t afford to pay my bills as well as her own… Andrew got fired from his job because i turned their information into the assistance office applying for help they wanted no one to know where he worked because of the kind of work they do that place was a&l towing in plum pa he towed cars for that them,ppl could not longer pay for they didn’t want their name out there so they fired him.. I recently got a job have not yet got my first pay .. I got medical back now that drew has been fired but it does not cover everything.. I get food stamps but they don’t pay the bills so yes I’m trying to help myself .. Do you have any idea how hard it is,for me trying,to work while receiving chemo I come,home every night thinking this is the night i wont wake,up.. I have to,sleep reclined with ac blowing full blast in my face while I struggle to get enough air to breath..

She then added:

Andrew is with me and children are with their dad we are all here together… I nay have,nothing but I do have an amxing little family and kadence’s dad and I have always been close and he is helping us out with a place to sleep

If you’re wanting to help Chapel out you can contribute to her Go Fund Me campaign or you can use the post office box she set up:

Po box 284 Punxsutawney pa 15767 that’s where we get mail.. Any help at all even,pen,pals are welcome

One Facebook user reacted to some commenters accusing Chapel of faking her cancer diagnosis (something Chapel’s cast mate Sabrina high has responded to already) by pointing out, “some people won’t believe Chapel is really sick unless they see a photo of her with no hair and looking sick. Too many haters in this world.” Chapel responded to that by writing, “Well that’s not going,to happen,I,didn’t take photos first time while bald I won’t do,it this,time.. Oh and not all chemo causes hair,loss..”

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