PHOTOS Breaking Amish’s Mama Mary Schmucker recovering from surgery

Mama Mary Schmucker surgery

Breaking Amish matriarch Mama Mary Schmucker is currently recovering after having surgery earlier this week. She was previously hospitalized in January for issues stemming from a hernia, but she was later released and seemed to be doing well enough to require no further medical attention. But the Facebook page for her son Abe and daughter-in-law Rebecca revealed on Sunday that she did need surgery after all.

The page stated that Mary’s surgery was “for the issue she had a while ago” and then added, “She had to regain strength to be able to handle the surgery.”

Mary and the Abe and Rebecca page have been updating Facebook fans throughout and we’ve compiled a timeline from before surgery until yesterday:

MARCH 29 – Abe and Rebecca: Our wonderful Momma Mary is going on for surgery this week! We will keep you updated on her condition and her progress!! We will need many prayers and we thank all of you for supporting our family through everything!!

MARCH 29 – Abe and Rebecca: If you want to send mom “Get Well” cards you can send them to P.O. Box 133 Punxsy Pa 15767

That’s our P.O. Box but we are the only ones that will be able to take her the mail so it will make it easier than having people sending it to her house. Thank you for understanding!!

Ps. Please do NOT send cash!! Thank you!

Breaking Amish Mary Schmucker Punxy Phils before surgery

APRIL 1 – Mary Schmucker: (Along with the photo above) “All these people are here at Punxsutawney Phils to celebrate my last day before my surgery.”

APRIL 2 – Abe and Rebecca: Momma Mary has made it through the surgery just fine and is now in recovery being monitored. Abe was allowed off work to be here at the hospital along with me and dad and his sister Ella. KatieAnn and little sister Esther will be here soon as well so mom is surrounded by her family and lots of love. We want to thank all of you wonderful people for your continued support and strength you have given to us through this process!!! Prayers have brought us miracles and the power of prayer is amazing!! Thank you!!

Breaking Amish Mama Mary Schmucker no head covering after surgery

APRIL 2 – Abe and Rebecca: (Along with the photo above and the photo at the top of this post) Mom is doing great!! We just left the hospital and she’s happy and wants to go home already!! Lol She made me promise to come drive her around after she is at home if she gets bored and it looks like we have a lot of fun ahead of us! We are so proud of you mom for doing this with such a great attitude and a smile and we love you so much!!!

APRIL 3 – Mary Schmucker: Here’s a little update on my progress I’m feeling wonderful thanks for you alls prayers I’m on my way home the doctor could not believe how well I was so thanks a million everyone.
Asa Hawks

APRIL 3 – Abe and Rebecca: Mom is going home today!! We are so grateful that she’s doing this well!! Your good thoughts and many prayers worked and miracles can happen and a miracle HAS happened!! Thank you!!

APRIL 4 – Mary Schmucker: A lot of pain during the night so I guess I’m going to behave myself today

APRIL 4 – Starcasm: Get well soon Mama Mary!

Mary Schmucker hospital Rebecca Schmucker

UPDATE – APRIL 4 – Abe and Rebecca: (with the photo above) Mom and her goofy face throwback!! smile emoticon Mom is still doing wonderful after her hernia surgery so let’s keep her in our prayers and just pray her recovery keeps up the way it is now!! We are glad mom is at home and feeling good!!

APRIL 5 – Mary Schmucker: Happy Easter everyone ……… I’m feeling feeling some better today my nose still bleeds once in awhile still have a very sore stomach but I feel so lucky that everything went so well

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