RETURN TO AMISH Sabrina answers fan questions, addresses Jeremiah Raber movie shut down

Return To Amish Sabrina with daughter Oakley

We’re only one week away from the brand new season of Return To Amish, and as we previously revealed, show OG Sabrina High will be returning as a full-time cast member after missing a season due to her issues with drug addiction. Sabrina, who is currently pregnant with her second child, has been extremely honest about her history of drug abuse (and her months of sobriety) with fans on social media, and she opened that door even further this week by offering to answer fan questions!

But, before we get to the fan Q&A, it appears as though Sabrina was inundated with folks telling her about production being halted on the movie The Plain People, which featured her Return To Amish co-star Jeremiah Raber. Although Sabrina didn’t mention Jeremiah specifically, it seems very obvious that is who she is talking about with this respectful statement about the whole thing:

I do not publicly comment on the lives of my cast mates lol. I am fully aware of what is going on and everyone can stop messaging me links to articles now, thank you. I would just like to state that the actions and behavior of my cast mates doesn’t reflect on my character, and neither does my drug abuse history reflect on them. We are all separate people with separate lives and we all have our own personal beliefs and values and morals. With that being said, we all are human and we all make mistakes. It’s not what we did in the past, its what we do in the future that actually matters. Keep shining! ?

OK, and now on to the fan Q&A!

Return To Amish Sabrina

SABRINA: If you have ever wanted to ask me any questions, here is your chance 🙂 You can ask anything at all–I just ask that you keep it respectful and appropriate ? Please post any questions that you have in the comments underneath this post, and I will do my best to answer as many of them as I can 🙂 I get alot of people that inbox me and ask me the same questions over and over, and so I think it would be easier for me to answer each question once instead of 50 times each. LOL ??? I will either post the answer after your comment, or I will repost the questions and answers. Not sure yet, I guess it just depends on how many I get! 🙂 Ask away! Also, just a reminder to read all the questions before you ask yours, just to make sure it wasn’t already asked! Thanks so much!!

FAN: How are you and your daughter doing? Do you have custody of your daughter?

SABRINA: We are great! And yes I have full physical custody now, which was granted to me on May 27, 2016 ?

FAN: First of all I just want to say that it’s AWESOME that you have sobered up for yourself and your daughter!! Is Breaking Amish coming back? And will you PLEASE come back if it does?!?! Love you!!!

SABRINA: Thank you! Yes it is; the new season of Return to Amish will start airing July 10, 2016 on TLC. And yes I am back! You’ll get to see all the stuff I was required to do for CYS so that Oakley could come home. Going to therapy, making amends, etc.

FAN: How did it feel to be back on the show and will you touch on the subject of where you have been on tv? Congrats again on recovery and gaining your life back!

SABRINA: It was surreal… I had convinced myself I would never be on tv again… Didn’t think I was good enough!! The whole next season my part in the show is about my recovery and working on getting Oakley to come back. It was really stressful sometimes especially when we were in NYC! I had to come home on the train every week to go to counseling and therapy and to visit my little Minion ? And then I would get back on the train and go back to NYC! It was shoot the show Sunday thru Wednesday, come home Wednesday night, do my stuff and have my visit on Thursday, and go back up on the train Friday morning and continue shooting. I had to shoot my therapy sessions down here in Lancaster too so that made it even crazier lol.

FAN: I’m a recovering addict myself, and we had the same drug of choice. How long did you use?

SABRINA: I messed around with pills since 2012. I used heroin for less than a year… Pills were my biggest problem.

FAN: How long did you do heroin before you decided enough was enough? As a recovering addict it took me 6 years to finally decide enough was enough…that I had lost enough in my life and didn’t wanna lose more…and did your parents stand beside you through your struggle

SABRINA: My parents supported me 100%… I always say if it wasn’t for them I probably wouldn’t have made it thru. I used heroin for less than a year… But pills were my biggest thing… I dabbled in those for a few years

FAN: I first want to say I’m proud of you overcoming all the problems you had and I am so happy you have your daughter back. Are you still on good terms with Jeremiah? And congratulations on your new baby coming

SABRINA: As far as I know haha 🙂 We dont really talk alot but yeah everything is fine there as far as I know lol

FAN: When are you ever going to go on periscope you haven’t been on a minute ?

SABRINA: That’s because I forgot my password lol I can’t get into it anymore lol

FAN: So so proud of you. You have come so far in the past year. You should be so proud of yourself. Will we get to see your daughter during the next season!

SABRINA: Due to the legal issues, probably not… I honestly don’t know though for sure yet… We will see I guess ?

Breaking Amish Sabrina with daughter Oakley

FAN: How are you and your daughter doing now? I can’t wait for new show to begin.

SABRINA: We are doing great!!

FAN: I heard you’re expecting again. Is this true? If so, congratulations! I hope you and Oakley and the new baby-to-be are all safe and doing well.

SABRINA: Yes it’s true!! Thank you!

FAN: Are you still working, besides doing the Breaking Amish show again? How is your daughter doing, now that she is home for good. I’m so proud of you, and happy for you, I hope each new day, is a wonderful blessing for you.

SABRINA: I am currently looking for a job! I have two interviews today so wish me luck! I always work between seasons I enjoy it ?

FAN: Would you visit a fan and who would it be?

SABRINA: It would depend who what where and when. Lol ? I probably would though as long as it wasn’t a creepy stalker or anything!

FAN: I live about 45 minutes from Lancaster, and have learned to love our state. Do you plan on living in PA forever?

SABRINA: Unfortunately my main goal is to leave PA asap 🙂 I do enjoy it here but would like to live closer to the beach ? My goal is to move to the south someday. Hopefully soon!!

FAN: I’m so proud of how far you have come! Do you get along with all of your cast mates? Did they help you through your addiction?

SABRINA: We get along for the most part… There’s a few that have dealt with addiction in their own families and so it has been hard for them to not view me thru those glasses…You’ll get to see that play out in the upcoming season

FAN: Are you still selling the make up you where selling? When did you last see Momma Mary? And how is her daughter’s doing? Any of them. Sorry I realize that was more then one lol

SABRINA: Yes! And they are doing good as far as I know! I see them on a regular basis but that is slowing down now due to not shooting as much any more.

FAN: What lesson in your life would you not want your daughter to repeat.. And what qualities would u like her to have…

SABRINA: As long as she is a good person I don’t care about the rest 🙂 I want her to be prudent and smart and kind to every one ? I would hope she would never become an addict like her mama did!!

FAN: Are you still close to Rebecca, Abe and his family?

SABRINA: We will always be friends ❤

FAN: How are you supporting your family?

SABRINA: I get paid to do the show. I also work a regular job between seasons! Now that we are winding down shooting for this season, I am looking for a job again! I have two interviews this morning so wish me luck!

FAN: First if all I would like to say congratulations on getting custody of Oakley , well done on being sober. You wouldn’t believe how many of us believed in you. If TLC came to you,and asked you to make a show about your journey to sobriety would you do it ?

SABRINA: Absolutely!

FAN: Congrats on the new baby and regaining full custody of Oakley! Do you stay in contact with any people on the show when you aren’t filming?

SABRINA: Kate and I text occasionally but That’s pretty much it!

FAN: Love reading your posts and seeing pictures of your daughter! My question is….if it wasnt for the show do you think it would have turned out the same leaving the amish/Mennonite? Also what is your dream job?

SABRINA: My dream job is journalism! I always wanted to be one of those news ladies on tv lol I also would like to work in radio or a talk show or something… But realistically my goal is to work in recovery someday and help other people get clean! And the show had no bearing on that… I would have chosen this regardless

FAN: How many months pregnant are you? Will you post pics of your belly?

SABRINA: That is classified… And maybe!

FAN: Since finding out about your birth family, how much have you learned about your heritage? Do you like Puerto Rican food? Have you ever tried merengue dancing?

SABRINA: No I haven’t tried the dancing and yes I love the food! I always say I want to learn more!

FAN: I read that you are paid $40k per season of the show. Is this true? And have you considered acting as a career? PS. I am SO proud of you & the person you have become?

SABRINA: I think acting would be great! And I don’t comment on my salary. People always ask tho so don’t feel bad!

A huge thanks once again to Sabrina for being so open about her personal life — especially the difficult topic of her struggles with drug addiction and custody of her daughter Oakley. I can’t wait to see her on my TV again when Return To Amish returns Sunday, July 10 at 9/8c on TLC. If you want to keep up with Sabrina in real time, be sure to follow/like her “Hope for Recovery by Sabrina Lelia” Facebook page!

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