Breaking Amish mystery: Why did Rebecca lose all her teeth at 19?

So, it’s getting hard to trust most of the storylines of Breaking Amish, but one thing you can’t fake is the fact that Rebecca has no teeth. (click here for bikini pictures, and to learn about her baby with and marriage to Abe.)

In the second episode the other girls giggle over Rebeca’s dentures over a glass of wine, but Rebecca doesn’t address the issue herself until a few episodes later. She vists an NYC dentist, who gives her a few set of new dentures after she hears Rebecca’s horror story of having her teeth literally pulled out of her head with pliers by an Amish dentist when she was only 19 years old, a practice she claims is common in the Amish community.

Not sure how often 19 year-old-girls lose all their teeth in Amish communities, but it is documented that Amish communities are reluctant to seek modern dental and medical care.

In the photo on the left, pre-dentures (but still post baby with Abe, proving that Rebecca and Abe had a child well before this show started filming) Rebecca has a gap in her teeth, but they don’t look like they’re rotting out of her head.


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