Return To Amish Carmela and Jeremiah Raber back together again 2018

VIDEO Jeremiah Raber is moving from Florida to Washington to be with Carmela

We reported back in December that estranged Breaking Amish and Return To Amish husband and wife Carmela and Jeremiah Raber were giving their marriage yet another chance — again. In a brand new video the two reveal that Jeremiah is leaving Florida and moving to Washington state where they plan to move in together soon.

RETURN TO AMISH Jeremiah Raber starts GoFundMe to save Florida house, explains why he doesn’t get a job

Return To Amish star Jeremiah Raber continues to struggle after his wife Carmela ran off and left him, taking with her the $15,000 cash the couple received from the sale of the land next to their own property. In addition to his emotional struggles, Jeremiah is also having financial issues, and he has launched a GoFundMe campaign in hopes of raising enough money to save his Florida home. His fundraising efforts drew some inevitable criticism on social media, and Jeremiah responded to the most common question by revealing the three reasons he doesn’t have a job.

RETURN TO AMISH Sabrina Burkholder released from jail, daughters adopted by their aunt

The last time we checked in on Return To Amish star Sabrina Burkholder she was back behind bars for drug charges after being booked on August 24. We can reveal that the 31-year-old reality star was released early this month, and also that her two daughters — 3-year-old Oakley and nearly 1-year-old Arianna — have officially been adopted by their dad’s sister!

BREAKING AMISH LA Betsy Yoder gives birth to 2nd daughter 6 weeks early

Breaking Amish LA Elizabeth Betsy Yoder second baby

Congratulations are in order for Breaking Amish LA star Elizabeth “Betsy” Yoder and her husband Allen Yoder as they welcomed their second child together, daughter EmaLeigha Grace Yoder, on Wednesday! Little EmaLeigha was a bit overanxious to get out as she arrived six weeks early, which was actually better than her big sister Jolena, who arrived twelve weeks early back in July of 2015.

Carmela and Jeremiah Raber accuse each other of domestic abuse after dramatic split

Return To Amish Jeremiah Raber and Carmela Raber divorce

It’s been two days since Return To Amish star Carmela Raber reportedly dropped her husband Jeremiah Raber off to pay the electric bill before leaving him stranded by driving away with his clothes, an expensive camera, and $15,000 in cash that the couple had just received from selling a property. In that time, both Jeremiah and Carmela have been posting on social media with accusations of domestic violence, drug addiction, and more — with both making claims that they have been in contact with the police.