MY 600 LB LIFE Janine Mueller’s dream of healthy knees, dance-filled nights closer in new weight loss pics

Viewers who were initially disappointed by Janine Mueller’s comparatively minor weight loss in her My 600 Lb Life episode should be heartened by the latest My 600 Lb Life Janine before and after pics. The 54-year-old Texas transplant appears to be doing much better than when we last saw her, and she’s shared a couple of new health updates to prove her point.

When Janine was a little girl, her weight was a fixture for her adoptive mother, who put her daughter on diet pills while Janine was still a toddler. “It was like an obsession,” said Janine, whose weight on the show peaked at 678 pounds.

“[Mom] was constantly worried or concerned about my weight all the time,” she went on. “She and the pediatrician decided about the time I was three to put me on my first diet. And when I was four the same pediatrician decided it’d be a good idea to start me on diet pills. And that really started to mess me up….My life was never the same after that.”

Of course, even getting to Houston to consult with Dr. Nowzaradan proved to be a major struggle for Janine, thanks to the constraints of contemporary air travel. But then just getting around every day is a struggle for the Washington native, who relies on a mobility scooter because of her damaged knees:

Overall, Janine wasn’t able to lose as much weight as some of her Season 6 peers. (David and Benji Bolton, for example, nearly set the show’s all-time record with their episode last week.) But, though she didn’t qualify for gastric bypass surgery at the time, Janine was still able to drop a total of 112 pounds after 12 months, and her weight stood at 566 pounds.

Since then, we’ve gotten a number of My 600 Lb Life Janine before and after updates, each more encouraging than the last. The first came via Janine’s interview with Newsweek, shortly after her episode aired, in which she said she’s “hoping [she] can undergo the procedure soon.”

More importantly for Janine, though, is having surgery to repair her knees: “My true goal is to lose enough weight to get knee surgery, lose the scooter and go dancing,” she said. “On the top of my bucket list is to go to Paris.”

Finally, Janine confirmed that she “saw several surgeons in Seattle” but that “none of them were right for [her].” Which is why, in perhaps the most encouraging My 600 Lb Life Janine before and after news of all, the Washington native has made her move to Texas permanent. Janine revealed the good news in her most recent update on her Facebook fan page; she also confirmed that she will in fact have a Where Are They Now? episode, and that it’s already begun filming.

My 600 Lb Life Janine before and after pic from January of this year

Here’s Janine’s latest update in full:

Hi Y’all! Yep, I am becoming a Texan! Sorry I have not been very good about updating. To be honest, I was not ready for all the attention I got from the TV show, both good and bad.

The good news is I am doing well! I am still losing weight and pressing toward my surgery dates. I will get my lymphedema mass removed off my right thigh, I will get my sleeve and there will be a lot more to come!

I wish I could share the details, but know I am already starting my Where are they now episode! Just cant keep this girl down!!

My sweet Prince is doing well and sends a happy, purr filled greeting. Thank you to everyone who asked about him.

In the mean time, I have been learning about my new city. Getting involved in fund raising activities (Race for the Cure) going to Meet up activities and making new friends.

Finally, here’s one of Janine’s most recent public photos, taken at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Houston earlier this year. As Janine put it, “I love how these ladies roll – uh ride”:

You can follow Janine Mueller’s ongoing weight loss journey on her official Facebook page here.

And you can stream Janine’s My 600 Lb Life episode here, via TLC.

(Photo credits: My 600 Lb Life Janine before and after via Facebook, TLC)

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