Bobbi Kristina to be taken out of medically induced coma

Bobbi Kristina Brown Sparkle Premiere

After more than three weeks in a medically induced coma, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s doctors will try to take her out of it in the coming days.

“We’re all hoping and praying that this will give us some answers,” a family source told People, adding the 21-year-old’s condition is still “severe.”

Subhashini Ramesh, a professor of NeuroCritical Care at Georgia Regents University, explained a person may be taken out of a medically induced coma either because “the underlying problem has improved” or so doctors can better assess the situation. Even though Dr. Ramesh hasn’t treated Bobbi Kristina, she thinks the young woman’s recent tracheostomy and the latest developments are good signs.

“Obviously, she did not meet the criteria for brain death if she underwent a tracheostomy,” Dr. Ramesh said. “She still could have a devastating injury, though.”

The family member said they are cautiously optimistic.

“There will be a sign of hope, and then nothing. Every day, we wonder if this will be the day that we get good news,” said the insider. “We’re hoping for a significant change soon, but we know that it may not change anything.”

Even after she is gradually lifted from the coma, Bobbi Kristina will continue to use a feeding tube and ventilator.

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