UPDATE Kylie Jenner responds to the #LipChallenge!

Lips Two


It’s only taken a couple of days for the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge (KJLC) to become a phenomenon on the order of #TheDress (remember the dress?) or the time it was cool to like President Obama. In case you fell asleep for those couple of days, though, here’s a quick primer: Teens and those slightly older have all decided that they want big, beautiful, pout-heavy lips like the ones Kylie Jenner had naturally and then had botox to get. But botox is expensive, and genes aren’t cheap, either. So what the young people do is they jam their lips into a shot glass and suck. The suction puffs up your lips–but it can also burst blood vessels, bruise your face, and, in extreme cases, break the shot glass, leading to lacerations and tears.

Predictably, neither doctors nor fashion experts recommend doing this.



Lips Three


One noticeably absent voice from this growing chorus? Kylie Jenner herself. Remember–the reality star and PacSun employee never gave her blessing to the challenge that bore her name; it just took off because her lips are the most famous. A phenomenon’s a phenomenon, though, so last night K-Jen took to Twitter to address the KJLC in her own, classic Kylie way:


Flanking Jenner’s tweets was a series of several hundred photographs of the 17-year-old modeling the clothing she is paid to endorse.

Have you taken the #lipchallenge? Did you have a smashing success, or a terrible fail? What do you think of this latest craze?


(Photo credits: Lips; Lips Two; Lips the Third)

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