Beyonce’s internet debut: new website and adorable Tumblr account

About 10 hours ago Beyonce finally joined the internet! Not only did she use her Twitter for the first time, but she also launched, including a link to “I Am,” a super-cute tumblr account featuring tons of gorgeous candid photos of the pop star and some of her friends and family.

She also launched the site via a charming handwritten note.

How can you not love Bey-Bey? And who doesn’t want to be exactly wherever she was when she took this photo?

This is probably my favorite, but I do have a thing for mermaids:


And here’s Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z looking cozy and casual. The new parents, who are celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary, are reportedly going to renew their vows this month at their NYC pad with guests like Gwyneth Paltrow and Oprah.