NEW Lady Gaga “Telephone” video featuring Beyonce – with photos!

Lady Gaga wearing crime scene tape in the music video for Telephone

The brand spankin’ new Lady Gaga music video for the song “Telephone” and it’s FANTASTIC! The song and video feature Beyonce in a vibrant, mish-mashed homage to Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill and Natural Born Killers as well as campy women’s prison movies and Thelma and Louise! And you get all that with the Banksy-like genius of Lady Gaga’s absolutely serious sense of humor. This is her send collaboration with the iconic music video director Jonas Akerlund, who also helped her with the short film/music video for “Paparazzi.” Watching these two videos makes you hungry for a Gaga/Akerlund feature film. Watch out Hollywood, Gaga may be coming to take you over next!

I don’t want to give away too much before you see the video, so I’ll go ahead and plop it in here. But, before you start, make sure you’re willing to commit! This “music video” is basically a film short, clocking in at just over 9 1/2 minutes! (Make sure you take advantage of the full screen option!)

Slight warning – there’s a lil’ bit o’ profanity, so be careful if you’re planning to blare this at work!

Bwahahaha!!! That is some laugh-out-loud brain teasing entertainment glory right there! I don’t even think I can begin to describe all the wonderfully well-crafted, smart and campy elements of this video! So, I decided I would put together a gallery of hi-res screen captures! To see the full-sized images in the gallery, just click on the ones below. Here’s a sample of what the other look like, but keep in mind they are even bigger in the gallery!

Lady Gaga Telphone video with Beyonce

I guess I’ll at least put together top ten list of my favorite things from the video:

10. A crime scene tape bikini!

9. Lady Gaga’s hair sculpted into a phone!

8. Heavy-handed product placement featuring Virgin Mobile phone service and!

7. Beyonce and Lady Gaga dancing together in skimpy superhero costumes!

6. Lady Gaga making fun of herself by including a nude image with her vuh-jay- jay blurred out!

5. Return of the P*ssy Wagon from Kill Bill!

4. Prison chicks in metal studded bikinis!

3. Diet Coke can curlers!

2. “Let’s Make A Sandwich!”

1. Cigarette glasses!

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