Rumor: Is Beyonce pregnant again? Breaking down the baby bump fiasco

Is Beyonce expecting a sibling for Baby Blue? says they have a source telling them Beyonce is pregnant again, and claims they have a photo of Beyonce’s baby bump from when she partied Sunday night in Roberto Cavalli animal print dress. Bey’s reps have not confirmed or denied a pregnancy, but honestly the “bump” photos look like she’s skipped her ab workouts, her dress was bnched up, or she just had a big meal.

According to photos published on The Daily Mail, Beyonce was drinking brandy that night, further proof that she’s not expecting a little one soon. In fact, the very first photo on the The Daily Mail’s article shows Beyonce with a very flat stomach. We’re gonna go ahead and call this a baseless rumor.

The number one reason this probably isn’t a baby bump? She possibly wasn’t even pregnant the first time.

Even if she’s not pregnant now, she has expressed an interest in expanding her family with Jay-Z even further. This May she told Entertainment Tonight: “I definitely want to have more. I don’t know how many. God knows, I don’t know yet.”