Paul and Karine leave Before the 90 Days, will document Karine’s US arrival on Instagram

Before the 90 Days star Paul Staehle revealed this week that he and pregnant wife Karine “were not selected to advance on the show,” but he wants fans to know that they will be able to see Karine’s arrival in the United States — which Paul says is happening “very soon” — as the couple plans to document all of her experiences on Paul’s Instagram account.

“Since we are not being filmed we will be live broadcasting Karine Staehle USA Travel. As well as all her first USA experiences,” Paul announced on multiple social media platforms earlier today. “As well as all her first USA experiences. We will Live Broadcast from my private Instagram. We will also be broadcasting pregnancy updates.”

Paul concluded his announcement by explaining their motivation for continuing to share their journey. “This is our way of saying thank you for your support.”

Most viewers speculated that TLC might not opt to bring Paul and Karine back for a third season of Before the 90 Days, but mainly because the couple got married in Season 2 and they no longer fit the concept. I assumed that the network would transition the couple to their new spin-off 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way featuring US citizens moving abroad for love, but Karine coming to America would make that a poor fit as well.

Of course, the natural fit for Paul and Karine would have been 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, but for whatever reason, that does not look like it will be happening.

In a very revealing comment on Instagram, Paul seemed to suggest that it was their decision to leave the show as he talks about cancelling filming recently after stating “we do not care about filming anymore or publicity.” In the same post, Paul reveals some very personal information about the second miscarriage suffered by Karine, which was featured on the show this season. “The hospital gave us the fetus,” Paul says, “it is still in the refrigerator until Karine can bury him in Tonantins graveyard.”

Here is Paul’s full unedited comment:

We are asking no one for donations or money. Show pays very very little. We endured 2 misscarraiges. First was very early on. Second one was documented on the TV show the hospital gave us the fetus it is still in the refrigerator until karine can bury him in Tonantins graveyard. Would you like to see the fetus of proof of our pain ? we been married a year we finally have a healthy pregnancy we do not care about filming anymore or publicity which is why all our accounts are private and we canceled our recent filming scheduled. We just want to raise our child in peace at this point. Public negativity and people like mike black mailing my wife than posting revenge images and explict videos has us both on edge. Karine is about to come here for the holidays. Leave the negativity in the hate filled fan groups.

It has been a roller coaster week and a half for Paul and Karine since the airing of the Before the 90 Days: Couples Tell All last Sunday. In addition to finally being able to share information about Karine’s pregnancy, including the additional scoop that it is a little boy, Karine has reportedly been the victim of revenge porn from a man she was intimate with prior to meeting Paul.

Paul posted some images from an alleged video posted by a man named Mike and asked for assistance in reporting him. Paul later revealed that he and Karine had gathered enough info and that she had filed charges in Brazil.

Soon after that, Paul made a post seemingly revealing that he has an interview in regards to Karine’s visa on October 30 — which certainly seems to line up with Karine being in the United States “very soon” and Paul stating that “Karine is about to come here for the holidays.”

Oh, and last week Paul was in Los Angeles (wearing his signature cooling vest) for the huge Before the 90 Days and 90 Day Fiance cast party celebrating the 90 Day Fiance Season 6 premiere over the weekend. Did I mention he has had a crazy week?

Almost lost in the drama shuffle was a video posted by Karine including a series of maternity photos as well as the reveal that she and Paul plan on naming their baby boy Pierre:

Little Pierre Staehle!

Paul also shared another crazy snapshot from his life earlier today as he posted the insane journey that his dogs had to take from Brazil to Kentucky, including a $760 Uber ride from Chicago to Louisville! At least I think I’m reading that right. Here’s the photo and Paul’s recap:

Dogs travel
They required aircraft large enough to carry a series 500 kennel.
Manaus to Sao Paulo Red eye flight
Sao Paulo 14 hour lay over before Miami Flight
Miami to Chicago closet airport I could fly the dogs with their kennel size.
Dogs broke out in Miami TSA security check.
Secured dogs flew to Chicago.
Was unable to leave to rent a vehicle no one from my friends or family would let me pay them to come get me.
Last resort uber.
First Driver canceled.
2nd Driver No problem we even stopped at a dog park at a gas station while he got gas.
His only rule dogs had to be able to get out of kennels. They loved his leather backseat. Smooth ride home.

??? Paul clarified in the comments section that they would not let him leave the dogs to rent a car at the airport, but couldn’t he have just taken the Uber with his dogs to an offsite rental car place in Chicago? I recently got a one-way rental car (turned out to be a van, although that wasn’t what I reserved) from Tallahassee to Atlanta for $45. ?‍♀️

So what do you think about Paul and Karine launching their own Instagram spin-off series? Will you be tuning in when Karine comes to America? I’m hoping she has a sense of humor and takes a dig at Paul and his home country by wearing a bulletproof vest 🙂

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