BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Spoilers: More details on Yolanda and Williams’ relationship from their Instagram and Facebook accounts

Before the 90 Days Yolanda Instagram

We have some additional details on the VERY likely catfish situation involving 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Season 4 star Yolanda!

Anyone who tuned in for the Season premiere episode Sunday night is surely shaking his or her head at Yolanda’s gullibility in regards to her online British boo Williams. But, just in case you missed the premiere, here is a red flag recap based on what we were shown in the episode:

Williams slid into Yolanda’s DMs via her weight loss Instagram account, and he told Yolanda that he was a restaurant owner from Manchester, England. Williams ⛳️ (having a last name for a first name is a red flag in itself) had numerous photos on his account of a very muscular man who clearly spent a lot of time in the gym — and with a professional photographer. ⛳️

Yolanda and Williams (or “The Williams” as she labels him on her phone) hit it off and soon began talking daily on the phone. Unfortunately for Yolanda, the camera on Williams’s phone was broken which meant that he could see her, but she couldn’t see him. ⛳️

No video was OK with Yolanda, though, because she had all those sexy photos to look at as well as Williams’s sexy British accent! Yolanda went on and on about just how sexy British accents are before viewers were treated to an actual phone conversation between Yolanda and Williams in which it was obvious that he did not have a British accent. ⛳️ 90 Day Fiance fans immediately thought he sounded more like Nigerian cast member Michael than Darcey’s Brit beau Tom. ⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️

Despite the lack of video, Yolanda and Williams’s relationship continued to blossom until he couldn’t stand not being able to see her in person. So, he asked her to send him money to buy a plane ticket. ⛳️ Despite Yolanda’s apparent flag color-blindess, she seemed a bit wary and she turned the table on Williams by insisting that she make the flight to England to meet him instead. In an awkwardly staged thrift shop scene, Yolanda’s daughter insists on coming along and Yolanda eventually concedes.

Yolanda revealed her newfound love to her other five children over an awkwardly staged dinner (why do none of them have drinks?) as all of them act shocked and otherwise completely rational about the catfishy smell surrounding Williams. Yolanda gets emotional as the family agrees to support her on her international fishing trip. That’s where Yolanda’s segment leaves off.

Before we get to the spoilers, here’s a family dinner screen cap:

Before the 90 Days Yolanda family dinner

* * * SPOILER ALERT * * *

As we previously reported, online 90 Daytectives easily matched up the hunky photos of Williams to an Italian body builder named Michele Di Lucchio — just click the link for all the details about that.

It is quite obvious that Williams is catfishing Yolanda. So who is Williams really? Thanks to some additional 90 Daytective work, we have reason to believe he’s a young man from Nigeria. Shocker, right?

The latest crack in the case came after Yolanda’s Instagram account was finally discovered. I’m not certain who should get credit for finding it first, but I first saw it thanks to The Fraudcast co-host @TheHanekawa.


Yolanda’s Instagram account is under the handle @dietnot2017, and if you go scroll through her photos you can find numerous interactions with Williams!

The interactions are a little bit confusing because Williams looks to have two different accounts. His original @marvins_wm account has been changed to @nicesa__abu, and it is now an account for the Civil Engineering Department at Ahmahdu Bello University (aka ABU) in Zaria, Kaduna State Nigeria. (More on the second account in a minute.)

Despite the account name change, it’s still rather easy to link Williams to the @nicesa__abu account. When you change your Instagram account name, it automatically updates your name on any posts that you’ve made. However, if someone else tagged you, then the original account name remains. As a result, we can see several lovey-dovey interactions between Yolanda and @marvins_wm.

I did some checking, and cached Google searches for that account reveal that it was connected to someone who went by just the name Williams.

Here are some samples of the interactions between Yolanda and Williams’s old account, including the two of them referring to each other as husband and wife. You will notice that despite the name change on Williams’s posts, Yolanda’s replies still include the original account name:

Yolanda Williams Instagram messages calling Willilams husband? Are they married?

After having her Instagram handle, I was then able to find Yolanda’s Facebook account, which still includes some of the original hunky photos that Williams sent her. The posts appear to be automated reposts from Yolanda’s Instagram account because they include Williams’s original @marvins_wm name. This, of course, would suggest that Yolanda has since gone back through and deleted all of the fake photos of Williams on her Instagram account.

In a surprise twist, the hunky fella in the pictures that Williams apparently used to catfish Yolanda looks A LOT like Michele Di Lucchio, but I don’t think it’s him.

Here are some samples, including a couple side-by-side photos as well as an actual screen cap from the original @marvins_wm Instagram account. I’ll let you be the judge. (The photos of Michele featured on the show all have the TLC logo and are on the right.)

Before the 90 Days Yolanda's catfish Williams on Instagram @marvins_wm

90 Day Fiance Yolanda's Britiah Catfish The Williams Facebook

Yolanda Before the 90 Days catfish Williams photos

Before the 90 Days Yolanda's catfish Williams photos side-by-side

Aside from the missing tattoo, which could be explained away based on when Michele got it, I see other differences as well. Things like ears and moles.

My theory is that producers knew it would be a headache to secure the rights to televise personal photos of some random hot dude, so they went shopping for stock images of a model that looked similar. That is PURELY just a theory though! (If that is the case, then a big kudos to them for finding Michele!)

So what is the timeline of the couple’s relationship? Yolanda has always shared posts about being in love, but they were all in reference to loving yourself. That changed in April of 2019 when she shared a message that indicated she was in love with someone else as well. However, there is no remaining record of the original @marvins_wm Instagram account leaving any comments or liking any posts until the following month. That would seem to suggest that Williams slid into Yolanda’s DMs completely on the down low. At least with this account.

The first photo of Williams that I could find posted by Yolanda was on June 27, a couple months after she posted about being in love. “?Ladies Yup????…Love Yourself 1st & True Love will Follow,” she began her caption for the picture. She followed that image with several more over the following weeks, including one with the caption: “No #HASHTAGS this post. Just him and these of course ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?????????????????????!!!!”

The last photo of catfish handsome brawny muscle guy Williams was shared by Yolanda on July 16, which was apparently Williams’s birthday. “??????SCREAMING HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to my BOO…!!” Yolanda wrote. “??Love Me Some Him….???.”

Unfortunately, Yolanda’s Facebook posts stopped two days after she posted the photo with the “Happy Birthday” message, so it’s unclear when she stopped posting the since-deleted fake photos of Williams on Instagram.

Speaking of Instagram, the same day that Yolanda’s Facebook feed stopped (July 18) she shared this message in a text graphic posted to her feed: “Women, Ladies & I guess Men too… Don’t You HATE when a DM slide in & Start a nice friendship, talking NICELY FOR DAYS or MORE….. Then it GO SOUTH QUICKLY when he finally he POPS THE ?.. ‘CAN U GET ME A GIFT CARD!!’ ????????” She added “#lames ??WASTED TIME….??❤️❤️” in the caption.

Yolanda shared some additional posts on July 18, and that’s when another account under the name @gucheofficial slid into Yolanda’s comments with some smooth woo pitchin’. Check it out:

Yolanda and catfish Williams talking on Instagram maybe

I should mention that the @gucheofficial account was leaving compliments on Yolanda’s posts all the way back in April.

The name associated with the @gucheofficial account is Uche Gucheano Ibeh, which looks to be a young Nigerian man who describes himself as an “entertainer” in his Instagram bio. When I searched for that name, it turned up a song titled “Ije Love” from Valentine’s Day in 2016:

Could it be that Yolanda’s Before the 90 Days co-star Lisa Hamme isn’t the only Season 4 cast member in love with an aspiring Nigerian rapper?!

Just two days after @gucheofficial’s initial kind words, things get a little odd as that account and Williams’s original account both start lovingly commenting on Yolanda’s posts! Yolanda then begins to interact with the original @marvins_wm account as if they were back together:

Yolanda Williams Instagram Are nicesa__abu and gucheofficial Williams?

BUT, Yolanda would slowly stop communicating with @marvins_wm/@nicesa__abu as she transitioned her love talk to @gucheofficial exclusively.

So WTF happened?! The most obvious narrative is that Yolanda found out that Williams was not the man in the photos and she was not happy about it. It does sound like she caught on after he asked for money in some form — perhaps for a plane ticket.

Williams then wooed her with his second account, @gucheofficial. I’m guessing that he smooth talked her a bit and assuaged her anger to a certain degree before revealing that he was actually Williams. Please note that this is entirely fan fiction on my part as I’m just trying to fill in the blanks with the most logical explanation.

As mentioned, Yolanda interacts with both accounts for a while, but eventually just shares her flirtations and PDA with @gucheofficial. The last instance I could find of her using the @marvins_wm tag was August 21. A week later, that account began posting as the ABU Civil Engineering Department.

In summary, it APPEARS as though Yolanda found out she was being catfished on or around July 18. She and the actual Williams eventually made up and were back together in a just a couple days. It also appears as though Williams was buttering up Yolanda on two separate accounts.

UPDATE – @gucheofficial (aka Uche) has since spoken out and insists that he isn’t Williams. He even shared a BUNCH of alleged text messages between himself and Yolanda talking about Williams and the show! Here’s a tweet with a link:

Unfortunately, we don’t really have any idea when Yolanda filmed for 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Season 4. July seems like a LONG time ago though. I’m worried that perhaps Yolanda shared her story with the casting people after she found out Williams was a catfish, but they wanted to actually capture the moment it was revealed. As a result, we’re seeing a re-enactment on screen this season — including a fake proposed trip to England. Who knows, though? Perhaps Yolanda was filming back in July and we will get to see the actual moment the truth came out!

Either way, I’ll be curious if Yolanda and her daughter actually make the trip to England. I’m thinking we will see Williams come clean before they get on the plane. Like, moments before they get on the plane. What do you think?

To find out how Yolanda and Williams’s story plays out on screen, be sure to tune in to new episodes of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airing Sunday nights at 8/7c on TLC!

UPDATE – This doesn’t have anything to do with Williams, but we got some information on Dwayne, the father of Yolanda’s children who passed away while in prison. Here’s a tweet with the link:

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