CATFISH Ashley Pietrowicz mug shot photos from larceny arrests

Catfish Ashley Pietrowicz arrest for larceny

On tonight’s episode of Catfish we meet Sara and Thaddius, both of whom have been victimized by someone named Ashley from Oklahoma. (Click here for their stories, including samples Sara’s Facebook posts from the past year dealing with Sara constantly stealing her photos.) Nev Schulman and Max Joseph research Ashley and discover she has a criminal record that includes two arrest for larceny.

We did a bit of research on our own and discovered that Ashley’s last name is Pietrowicz, and the mug shot photos above and below are from the arrests that Max and Nev uncovered on the show.

Ashley Pietrowicz mug shot photo

There aren’t many details about her arrest online. Perhaps Max and Nev will uncover more on the episode! (I’m actually in the middle of watching it now as I write this. lol)

UPDATE – Here is Ashley’s most recent Facebook post from yesterday:

Literally… I can’t even. The lies and bs are ridiculous. Tell some truth if you’re gonna pretend you’re a saint. Smh. Attention seeking=not cute. Lol.

To see more of her recent Facebook posts, click here.

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