AYTO You’re wrong about Dew Pineda (but don’t call her ‘misunderstood’)

Dew Pineda, the Spanish/Swiss fitness model, made her mark on Are You the One? season 9. The series first ‘global’ edition promised to find its cast their “perfect match”… but didn’t get it right for Pineda.

Some fans suspected the reason was because she was stand-offish and didn’t want to participate in the game, but the truth may actually surprise you.

Between editing and not getting what she asked for, it’s possible we all “misunderstood” Dew (just don’t tell her that!)

Are You the One?

Are You the One? is a reality competition dating series from MTV, revived by Paramount+ in 2023 for its first ever ‘global’ edition… bringing singles from around the world to Spain in order for them to find their ‘perfect match.’

In its 9 seasons on air, the show doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to pairing together soulmates, but one couple from season 1 gives us hope and keeps us coming back for more.

Amber and Ethan Diamond were paired together during the premiere season of AYTO on MTV in 2014, and the two make it hard to doubt the matchmakers- the couple is married with two kids, and just as happy as they were in the infamous ‘Honeymoon Suite.’

While Viacom was on the ball when they matched these two together, they don’t always get it right. This is what happened with season 9 castmate Dew Pineda, but the reason WHY she didn’t leave the show in love may not be for the reasons you think.

Dew Pineda

Dew Pineda is a “Spanish made, Swiss based” model and one of only a few fiery red heads to make a name for herself on Are You the One? hosted by Kamie Crawford.

If you didn’t love Dew after bingeing the series, it’s possible it’s because of poor editing – it seems MTV left A LOT out of the 33 year old’s back story.

A champion for Equality Now, the AYTO star has taken a vocal stand on issues of sexual violence/exploitation, as well as drug and alcohol abuse. Is Dew too uptight for the reality series, or was she… as Will Gagnon put it… “misunderstood.”

Why aren’t Dew and Will a perfect match?

Super-hottie Will Gagnon was revealed as Dew Pineda’s ‘perfect match’ in the finale episode of season 9. While the two are definitely a spicy combo, Pineda wasn’t exactly feeling Will’s approach to dating.

After being upset he called her misunderstood (it’s NOT a personality trait, you know…) Pineda explained much more about why Gagnon, and the other male castmates, were not her match.

Asking for someone with a strong sense of character and values that matched her own, Dew claimed the producers dropped the ball when it came to linking her up.

Looking for someone kind and respectful, it’s possible the series just wasn’t it. If Joe Burrow or Harry Jowsey would have been cast, however…

We hope Dew makes it back on TV in some form (The Challenge, anyone?), so that she can be seen in the light she originally intended to shine from.

Turns out not EVERY MTV reality star is looking for a quick hookup… who knew!?

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