Who is Will Gagnon from Are You the One? season 9

Are You the One?, the hit MTV reality dating series has been revived by Paramount+ and its new season is in full swing.

Who is the beefcake contestant known as Will Gagnon? We’ve got the details, including some of his sexiest Instagram shots.

Are You the One?

Are You the One? is a reality dating competition series that started in 2014. The show, which originally aired on MTV, puts 22 singles in a house together and tasks them with finding their ‘perfect match.’

Most of the matches don’t last, but a winning couple from season one is still going strong, giving hope to all future (and current!) contestants.

Amber Lee and Ethan Diamond married in 2014 after getting engaged after taping AYTO? The pair currently have two kids… so maybe there is something to their acclaimed ‘matchmaking’ process?

Will Gagnon

Within the first few moments of starting season 9, a “global” edition of the series broadcast on Paramount+, it was evident that whoever ends up with contestant Will Gagnon is about to be a very lucky girl.

26 year old Gagnon is originally from New York, and is a U.S. Marine Corps. veteran. Dang, now we know where he gets his muscles!


On Instagram the reality star likes to show clips from his workouts, as well as numerous sexy snaps of his incredible body.

Other things we gathered from our “research”: Will is a dog guy (aww) and claims that his puppy Thor is ‘best friend.’

Gagnon also enjoys the sport of golf. The 26 year old opened up about not seeing his Dad for over three years when they reunited on the Old Hickory Golf Club for a round of 18 holes!

While it’s still too soon to tell who Will is going to end up with (the series only has 6 episodes out at time of publishing) his castmates should consider themselves lucky we aren’t in the house or else none of them would stand a chance.

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