Bernice from South Beach Tow 2023 UPDATE

It may have been a minute since you’ve thought about South Beach Tow… so now that it’s back on your mind, you’re welcome.

Where is fan-favorite Bernice? We have the 2023 updates on K.K. Brunson (aka “Bernice”) including where you can watch her newest gig.

South Beach Tow

South Beach Tow was a truTV reality series that aired from 2011-2014. During its run, it portrayed dramatized reenactments of crazy events that happened at Tremont Towing, a family-run towing business in Miami Beach, Florida.

The show featured 87 episodes and ended on a bit of a cliffhanger… leaving fans to wonder what was next for cast members Bernice and the others.

Turns out Bernice, real name Lakatriona Brunson, continued to make a name for herself, long after the crazy towing drama ended.

Who is Bernice from South Beach Tow

Lakatriona “K.K.” Brunson was a fan favorite on the truTV series, with her big personality and take-no-sh*t approach to towing and everything else, really.

The series, produced by Jennifer Lopez’s production company Nuyorican Productions, Inc., quickly launched the “character” of Bernice to icon status.

Born and raised in Miami, FL, Brunson was a star basketball player at Tennessee State University before making her TV debut.

Often referring to herself in the third person, Bernice continued with her love of sports, maintaining a second career as a certified physical education teacher.

She was named head coach of the Miami Jackson High School football team in 2016 making her the first female football coach in the state of Florida.

Gerri Curls 2021 movie

The 45 year old coach and actress seems to be balancing both quite nicely. Still living in Miami, Brunson actually hasn’t left our screens!

Starring in the 2021 film Gerri Curls, K.K. Brunson can be seen on Amazon Prime in this “full comedy/sports movie” which sounds like the perfect segue for our girl Bernice.

IMDB describes Gerri Curls: Gordon (Mike Grogan) joins forces with an unlikely ally (KK Brunson) to fight his half-sister (Renata Bresciani) for the family inheritance and his rightful place among South Florida’s curling elite.

We are so glad that “Bernice” hasn’t stepped out of the spotlight. Now if they’d only revive South Beach Tow

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